You may have recently seen this advert for Calvin Klein picturing the size 14 model, Myla Dalbesio talked about all over the internet.

It pictures a slim and healthy looking woman in her underwear, labelled as ‘plus-size’. Understandably, this has caused uproar amongst body positivity campaigners, mothers worried about the future of their daughters and women all over the world who definitely do not regard the model as plus-size.


We opened the question to our community of health bloggers to see what they had to say on the matter.

Being labelled as ‘plus-size’ when she’s probably the same, if not smaller than the average, healthy woman will definitely have an impact on women’s perceptions of themselves, given that the word ‘plus-size’ has connotations of being bigger than average or ‘overweight’. She looks SO healthy!


This is exactly why so many young women and girls have eating disorders. In a world where a healthy-looking, curvy and beautiful woman is diminished to the label ‘plus-size’, what hope do we have of loving and appreciating ourselves and our bodies?

 Life by Laura

How on earth is she plus size? I mean I suppose it’s good they are using a real size model instead of those wafer thin sticks they usually use, but this girl is not plus size. To be honest, why does there even need to be a label attached to the size of her body, she is beautiful regardless of her size. It’s adverts like this that perpetuate the cycle of self-hate and body shaming because CK will pride themselves on being inclusive of plus size ladies, but then women will see this and think if she is plus size, they must be too, even though they are completely average. It is absolutely disgusting how women’s bodies are viewed in advertising and the media, still! If you want to use a woman with curves, great! I love that, but stop sticking a label on it and especially calling it something it is not. The worst part, is that she is probably much curvier in real life and they most likely just photoshopped her down which defeats the whole purpose.

 Hankering 4 Healthy

How sad is this? No wonder so many lovely girls out there have issues  


When did big boobs = plus size?! This is unreal!

My big fit diary

I too agree with all the comments above! How ridiculous to think that she’s classed as plus size

Hannah and fit

Angry that shes labelled plus size. But I love the picture and think this women looks great as she still looks healthy.

Leisha Mulvey

After looking briefly into this case, it appears that the plus size label was started by the media and not the Calvin Klein campaign. It raises interesting questions about the stereotypical image of women in society and how that exposure affects us. The model at the centre of the controversy Mila Dalbesio, confessed feeling she didn’t fit into any of the too skinny or too fat departments the fashion industry has established and considers herself “in between” those stereotypes. The truth is she is a size 10 working as a plus size model, forced to lie about her weight to get modelling jobs and was encouraged to put on weight by plus sized agents. The irony is that a size 10 is considered an ideal size to aspire to by most women. However, it doesn’t escape me the fact that plus sized women are looking at a 10 size model and wonder why they don’t look like that. The question raises: why are we exposing ourselves to this deception that makes us feel inadequate? All this labelling and debate about fitting into some preconceived notion of how women should be and look does not do any good to our self-esteem.


Right here goes. I was watching an interview with Ashley Graham, the very VERY gorgeous plus-sized model, and she explained that basically any woman over a size 8 is considered a plus-size. This is completely ridiculous and you wonder why there is a huge issue with the girls and women today who have body confidence issues. Body confidence comes from feeling happy and positive in the body you have today – whether you’re a size 16 and be healthy and you can be a size 8 and be really unhealthy but the world doesn’t see it like that. Women need to see more diverse range of sizes but also age – women are beautiful whatever their size but as long as they are healthy, making time for exercise and living a balanced life then they should be celebrated.

Do Calvin Klein want a gold star for putting someone without their rib bones showing in an advertisement?

Anna Roll

What do you think? Is this model really plus-size? Share your thoughts in the comments below.