Calm Masterclass is the newest type of mindfulness content in the Calm app.

Soft launched at the beginning of 2018, the new feature intrigued me almost as much as their Sleep Stories – which first appeared in 2017, with an extra bonus of Stephen Fry narrating some of them.

Each Masterclass program consists of a series of lessons exclusive to Calm, taught by a world-renowned expert.

Very relevant is the brand new masterclass on Social Media and Screen Addiction.

Psychologist Adam Alter explores common questions and shares practical steps for managing the rise of social media and screen addiction in our lives.

If you feel like you have your social media under control, I also recommend the Power of Rest and Breaking Bad Habits.

You can find Masterclass by opening the Meditate screen in the Calm app and tapping the Masterclass box shown at the top of the page.

Each Masterclass will include a free introductory video, but you will need an active subscription to listen to the full set of lessons for each Masterclass program.

You can view a trailer for Masterclass, as well as listen to introductions.