From adaptogens to sustainable flours, health and wellness trends have sometimes made us laugh, intrigued us (yes, we are talking avocados) and raised some eyebrows (cricket flour, anyone?).

Did you think things would stop with kale?

You are very much mistakes. There are new, buzzy kids on the block you know about.


Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, may be coming to a restaurant near you. After CBD entered the world of natural beauty a few months back, the non-psychoactive, 100-percent legal compound found in the cannabis plant, CBD may be flavouring your cocktails and your next brunch date.

Los Angeles restaurant Spring recently started serving a $37 “CBD Power Lunch” where diners can eat CBD-infused dishes such as branzino with red quinoa, vanilla pannacotta with mango and passion fruit coulis. You can also find examples of CBD-infused plates in  New York, including restaurants and eateries to the likes of Lalito and Inday, with its CBD-infused ghee add-on.

As the Honest Co.’s co-founder is looking to take hemp mainstream and with growing conversations in wellness about cannabis and its wellness implications with Switzerland at the forefront, it’s not surprising that CBD is now making it into our lunch menus.

Vegan Junk Food

Credits: By Chloe

If we had to point a very specific time when vegan junk food went mainstream, that would probably be with the opening of fast food restaurant By Chloe in New York. Since then, the US and UK have been head-to-head in the new trends, including Hackney sensation ‘Temple of Seitan‘.

It’s a bit time for vegan comfort food, as By Chloe is planning to add 20 more locations in the US, Europe and Middle East, including additional locations in London (first restaurant opened in February) and  Dubai – making it now 31 locations.

Co-founder SamanthaWasser told Moneyish: “When we were first talking about the concept, our CEO was like, ‘I don’t understand how you can be successful; there are not that many vegans in the world.’ But we don’t go out there and target only vegans. We created a brand that speaks to everyone and isn’t intimidating.”