As you may know, we are massive fans of resting and resetting and taking time off – it’s not a chance we have our very own ‘Reclaim your day off‘ campaign.

We were more than excited to see how apps like Bumble, the famous dating and networking app, is now promoting rest and positive mental health.

The app recently launched Snooze, a new feature that allows you to pause activity on Bumble while keeping your connections.

Credits: Bumble

“We’re encouraging you to go offline so you come back to our community a healthier, more balanced person — whenever you’re ready Bumble wrote on their blog.

Snooze will allow you to be invisible for a set period of time you personally choose.

“Social media has become a part of my routine, so much so that I find myself drifting in and out of those apps unconsciously and maybe, if I’m honest with myself, addictively.” shared Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd “I see a need to change it, and want to give our users an opportunity to breakaway from the constant noise, and have a healthy and well deserved digital detox.”

On the most recent version of the Bumble app go to your Settings, and at the top you’ll spot “Snooze mode.” You’ll be given options to choose the duration of your invisibility on the app – the feature also includes “options for prioritising mental wellbeing, digital detox, or holidaying. You can find out more about Snooze and how it works within Bumbe below.

We are incredibly excited to see apps put more and more stress on the importance of resetting and taking time off our phones. Well done Bumble!