We see Brunch n Grind as your ultimate guide to London’s wellness scene, like TimeOut but especially for fitness lovers and foodies.

We want to be the go-to website for Londoners on the hunt for a sweat sesh and undiscovered brunch spot. We bring our readers reviews, tips, exclusive discounts, giveaways and opinion pieces documenting our own fitness journey.

We strive to bring our readers the latest news in the world of wellness from foodie trends to fitness festivals so you can come to our site and quickly find inspiration for a fun weekend in London with your fitfam!

We’ve spent time curating an engaging website easy to navigate and mobile-friendly to encourage others to get brunching and grinding across the capital.

We’re strong believers in balance and we approach our weekends with a ‘Train Hard, Brunch Harder’ attitude.

Brunch and Grind has been shortlisted for ‘Best New Blog’ on the Health Blog Awards.

The blog only launched at the beginning of the year so we’re still relatively new.

This category seemed like the most natural fit for us as we’re not quite ready to compete with the big players just yet. Maybe next year!

We sometimes struggle with time management, but mainly because we’re so busy!

We’re holding down demanding day jobs, whilst also being across all of London’s fitness and brunch launches, networking with brands, instructors, and PRs. Our fitness routines have shot up from 2 classes a week to 4-5 classes per week whether that’s through PT sessions, press events or fitness festivals, so we cram meetings in over breakfast, at lunch or over the weekend to make it work.

Patience is key.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s been great to watch our numbers grow organically with every new piece of content we publish. We’ve also learnt not to obsess over the number of followers we have on social media and to focus more on engaging with our community and creating meaningful relationships.

Making connections and collaborations across the industry has also been crucial for us. Partnering with other influencers and brands to help leverage each other is something we’re very passionate about.

The best thing about blogging with your bestie is getting to share amazing experiences together!

We attend press events and studio launches together, we brunch together, shop together and sweat together. It’s much more fun when you’ve got a partner who shares the same passions and has an equally high obsession with nut butter and Instagram!

We also get to bounce ideas off each other and help each other out when things become busy and stressful. Balancing a demanding full-time job in media with workouts, press events, content creation and social media is not easy!

Working as a duo, it’s important to make sure you’re both aligned to the same vision and keep checking in about that as your blog evolves and changes.

It’s also really important to make sure you agree up front how much work you’re both going to put in so that everything is 50-50. It could be really difficult if one of us felt the other wasn’t pulling their weight.

When we started the blog we were really haphazard with content and social media, everything was reactive and ad hoc.

Now we have a bit more experience, we’re becoming more strategic and thinking about content plans and regular features. We’ve also scheduled in one evening a week to make sure we catch up on all the admin side of the blog like starting a newsletter, adding new features to the site and setting up an events business.

Good communication is key!

Be really clear from the outset about what you’re trying to achieve. It helps to write a mission statement so that you’re both clear on the driving purpose behind your blog or business and can check in with it every now and again to keep yourselves on track.

It’s also really important that we step back from the blog every now and then to spend time with friends and family and also to enjoy our friendship in a non-work capacity. It’s all about balance!

Ultimately we’d love Brunch n Grind to grow into a well-known platform, spreading the endorphins and brunch love far and wide with our own series of events. 

We dream of one day launching our own products from beauty and activewear to books and apps or going global with content hubs for all continents. For now, though, we’re taking it one squat at a time on our journey to world domination!

Don’t forget you can meet Vanessa & Kat next Thursday at our Health Blog Awards Ceremony.