Winter has well and truly arrived. And I don’t know about you, but there’s something about these shorter, chilly days that really depletes my energy levels.

A sun worshipper through and through, I just cannot come to terms with the 4pm nightfall in the UK. It’s times like these that we need to focus on boosting our wellbeing, to boost our energy both physically and mentally. So, I thought I would share a few nourishing tips for self-love and winter wellbeing with you all.

Eat Seasonally

Winter is a time for fresh, seasonal veggies and warming, wholesome dishes. Your body craves these for a reason. Try adding an abundance of winter root vegetables like carrots and parsnips, as well as squashes and dark leafy greens, to your dinners. Seasonal produce like these contain all the nutrients that your body desires through the colder months, helping to keep your immune system in tip top condition. You could even try replacing your favourite summer salads with warm, wintery ones. My absolute favourite is roasted beetroot and pumpkin, tossed with spinach and feta. Still bursting with goodness, without the chilly shock to your digestive system that comes with raw salads.

Stay Sociable

Studies show that socialising helps to boost the immune system. Now I’m not suggesting you go on a wild one every night of the week, but I think it’s vital to our winter wellbeing to stay engaged with our loved ones. In the face of 4pm sunset, organise a few little social events each week to keep you from coming home in the dark and sinking into the sofa. Maybe you could throw a dinner party with friends and share the seasonal veggie love? 😉

Hydrate Before You Caffeinate 

In the chill of winter mornings, many of us reach for a steaming cup of tea or coffee rather than our usual glass of water. Sadly, we then start the day dehydrated, and wonder why our brains feel a little foggy. There’s nothing wrong with a strong coffee to help you through the day, but hydration is more important in winter than any other time of year. If you find it hard to drink cold water in this weather, you could try herbal teas. They don’t have to be bitter or bland like you might think! Some of my favourites include fresh mint tea, ginger green tea, and chocolate tea from an awesome company called Yogi Tea.

Garlic n Ginger

This duo of natural immunity boosters will help you ward off those nasty colds and viruses that seem to crop up over winter. Just one clove of garlic contains over a hundred sulfuric compounds, powerful enough to kill bacteria and infection to keep you flu-free. It’s most effective eaten raw, but if this sounds a bit too much for you to handle, you can try adding it to all your favourite dinners. Maybe not before a date though, hey? Ginger, a wonderful antioxidant, also helps to kill those viruses, as well as being a great anti-inflammatory. Even if you’ve already been struck by a cold, the anti-inflammatory power of ginger can help reduce swelling in the sinuses and ease congestion, helping you to breathe again. Ginger, honey, and hot water are a classic cocktail for winter wellness. Some even go the extra mile and add crushed garlic to the mix, but it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Keep Active

As I will endorse, time and time again, exercise is by far the most powerful boost to our energy levels, keeping us healthy in mind, body, and soul. It’s so important not to let winter get the better of our fitness routines. Next time you’re debating whether or not to go for that run in the park, just think about how toasty and warm it’ll make you! There’s also some gorgeous winter fitness gear in the shops at the moment to keep you motivated, with brands like Sweaty Betty nailing the winter layering hype.

Last but not least, embrace the lead up to Christmas 

The festive season has many health lovers running for the hills. But the indulgence of festivities doesn’t have to be so negative for our health. Embrace the increase in parties, drinks, and dinners and allow yourself to share the cheer with loved ones. It’s so important for our mental wellbeing to abolish restrictions this time of year. Don’t be the only super healthy one, sat in the corner without a mince pie. Be kind to yourself!