My number one tip for someone wanting to turn passions to profits is to be authentically you.

No one wants to follow someone who is a dulled down version of themselves or trying to copy others. People are hard-wired for connection and want to connect with the real you, including the stories, experiences and passions that have led you to blogging.

I’m an online business mentor empowering millennials to escape the 9 to 5 by creating a business and lifestyle in line with their passions.

I believe that anyone can create a passion-filled, purpose-driven online business that will change the world for the better. I spend my days writing actionable content, speaking at events, chatting with my VIP members, reading anything personal development and travelling with my adventurous boyfriend, Doug.

I went to university then got a position at a massive company (which had been my goal for the six years I was at university). But I hated it from the first day.

Deep down I knew that I couldn’t spend the next 50 years in a corporate job that made me feel so unhappy – I had to find another way. To be happy I knew I’d have to do work that I was passionate about and I’d also heard about people making money blogging. So I put the two together and haven’t looked back.

The most common blogging myth is that you have to get your niche right the first time.

It’s okay if you don’t get your niche right to start with. I started out teaching wellness to university students. That brought together my passions and skills at that point in time. Now, however, I’m empowering millennials to start online businesses based on their passions and it’s totally okay that it’s different from before. Of course, you’re going to develop over time and so will your business.

In order to keep your blog frequently updated, create a content calendar.

When I first started out, I wrote my blog posts from week to week. I would fall behind, get overwhelmed and not post anything for weeks on end.

I’ve learned the hard way that it pays to map out your year in advance.

When it comes to blogpost ideas, take inspiration from your own life and experiences. Humans are hard-wired for connection and we connect through storytelling. That’s the best way to find exciting new blogging topics to share.

If you have services, promote them at the end of blog posts. Make sure the blog post that you have written ties in with an aspect of the service you are offering. For example, someone selling an eBook about food photography might write a blog post called ‘The 10 photography techniques every food blogger needs to know’. Then at the end of the post, link to your paid product which goes deeper into everything a food blogger would need to take awesome photos of food.

Give first, ask second.

Give value to your audience 90% of the time and ask them to buy 10% of the time. If they see how much value you offer for free, they’ll be jumping to buy your paid products.

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I’m gifting it to you because I wish I had this — a bank of banging blog post titles — when I was first starting out. Grab your copy here.

My top post on the blog is ‘How My Online Business Works‘ which people love because it goes into detail about how I hit rock-bottom and how it lead me to find my calling.

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