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September Book of the Month: You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

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Mega-bucks author, speaker, life coach and self-help guru Jen Sincero wasn’t always a mega -bucks’ guru. In fact, until the age of 40 she was scraping a living as a freelance writer, living in a garage and spending her time arriving at dinners with friends ‘too late to eat’ because she couldn’t actually afford to eat anything that didn’t come in a tin.

Sincero was broke. And a bit sad. And now she isn’t.

She is living her best life travelling and teaching and – crucially – raking in the dough doing a job that she LOVES. And this book is a manual as to how she got there. Sincero swears, she drinks, she skips the gym sometimes, she doesn’t always feel bouncy and happy and motivated.

She’s basically one of us. Just a really rich and inspiring one of us.


Sincero calls herself a “motivational cattle prod” and believes that it is her job to help us get out of our own way, to ditch the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, our worth and our ability to make money, and then master the ‘mindset of wealth’ and shape a new (more lucrative) reality.

“If it’s on your mind it will soon be in your lap she says.

Fans of The Secret will recognise the principles of manifesting good things in your life that run through the book. And even if you thought The Secret was a load of hippy nonsense (you know who you are!) you can’t argue with the (measurable) positive psychological effects of choosing happier, wiser, richer thoughts, behaviour, friends, media and situations.

And I KNOW that this book works because since reading it life has gifted me with free coffees, meals, flowers, books, clothes and a tax rebate (when does that EVER happen?!). Maybe not the life-changing money Sincero promises I could be making, but it’s definitely a very nice start.


“A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.” 

Jen Sincero

Wanting to be rich doesn’t make you a bad or ‘unspiritual’ person. Everything in nature is provided with what it need to flourish, including us, and money enables us all to have happier, healthier lives, live up to our full potential, be better, do more and give more back.