Sometimes we think that blogging is all about 500 words, a stock image (please DO NOT rely solely on ShutterStock!) and an open question for your readers. However, there are a few more ways you can use blogging to grow your brand.

At the HBC, we encourage you daily with our library of courses and resources, however today I am going to share with you some unexpected techniques. 

Share the love

This is my business take to link parties. Link parties are an opportunity for you to share your work on other websites, as well as find new inspiration as you discover other bloggers who link up. The way I like to do this myself is by sharing a few links of my favourite posts from other business websites/blog I regularly read, in a sort of swap feature (this is something I do with my recipes collection very often). If you are quite active in a group, simply share the topics you’d like to cover in your ‘linkies’ post, and you’ll definitely get some recommendation from fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs!

Blog swap

Blog swapping was probably the best way I found to get site exposure.  Email the blogs that feature other people’s projects with links to your projects. DON’T be spammy though- make it personalised and email them just a few of your recent links maybe once a month- not weekly.  Ask other bloggers to “blog swap” with you. Make it a date, and get into the habit of blog swapping with someone, meaning I would do a project for their site, they would do one for mine. It was a great way to introduce yourself to another audience and gain new readers.


It will take around 6/7 interaction with you for people to actively take action. So you gotta keep them on your website as long as possible, my dear. The very best bet is to cross link content, in your posts as well as on your website in general. Let people click away to find more information about a related topic such as how to be more productive. Sometimes we forget that what we really want is for people to take action and do something for us.

If you are still looking for ideas, you definitely want to bookmark these resources.

Between newsletters, blog posts and guest posting, having a variety of top quality content is essential to engage with your audience, this is why I like to have some content ideas handy.

Whether it’s an email headline or a content idea, I make sure I bookmark it all and then apply my simple rules to make the most out of blog posts.

These links are highly bookmarkable with smart blog post ideas and perfect to avoid the blogger burnout!

Authority Blogger’s 102 Proven Headline Formulas

Chris Garrett, founder of wrote this incredible headline resource. It’s full of fill-in the blanks which are extremely handy if you are a bit lazy when it comes to headline creation!

100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write

Chris Brogan is another powerhouse in blogging, and he offers you an incredible number of 100 blog topic ideas. This will definitely count towards your yearly allowance of 250!

101+ Killer Blog Post Ideas

Tristan Higbee is another awesome blogging extraordinaire who ca definitely inspire you in your content creation. 101+ ideas? Well, guest posts are sorted apparently!

30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, and Emails

Buffer is not only my scheduling tool of choice, but I also collected a trove of interesting and actionable headline formulas from some of the best sources for headline writing –  plus a few  Buffer headline formulas.

125 Free Blog Topics-Corporate and Personal Blogging

Heidi Cohen is a trailblazer, and she is an absolute genius. This list is divided into categories, which means it’s much easier to scroll. Win-win situation!


If you are looking for more ideas and support, do not forget to check out our library of courses and resources.