Tired of the same old WordPress themes?

Or perhaps you’ve noticed a couple of other bloggers with similar looking designs to yours? It’s good to give your blog a touch-up every once in a while – hey, it needs TLC just as much as you do! Don’t forget to check our Blog Superhero Course to take your blogging efforts to the next level.

If you’re after some simple shortcuts to make it feel a bit more loved then look no further than our 5 easy tricks:

1. Rewrite your About page.

Yes, you probably saw this one coming a mile off. But it is important to keep your About page as up to date as possible, telling the reader what to expect from your blog and most importantly, why they should come back. Be sure to link internally to your categories or regular strands, and have a section with more information about you but keep it brief. Nobody wants to read your entire life story!

2. Clean up your sidebar.

And if you have two sidebars, delete one! If you think about where your eyes are drawn when you land on someone’s website, having an overcrowded page makes them work much harder than they need to, meaning they’re less likely to read your posts. Your content should be the main draw, with a simple sidebar of key social plugins.

3. Rethink your categories.

Has your blog changed focus since its inception? Is there a category on there that you’ve neglected for the past six months? Write a list of every topic you want to blog about and then envision how they would naturally sit together on your site. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not. Don’t be afraid to be brutal!

4. Add a photo of yourself to the homepage.

This instantly makes your blog feel more personal and allows the reader to connect with you as a person. Having it at the top of your sidebar with a small box introducing yourself gives the reader the perfect route into your About page.

5. Experiment with colours and fonts until you find what works for you.

A lot of bloggers go by the rule of three – no more than three different colours or fonts, otherwise it’s just confusing! Take the time to choose a design that feels authentic to you. This makes it harder for others to imitate, and makes your blog more unique. Which is ultimately what it’s all about, right?!