In the second of our two part series with, we look into the reasons bloggers might not be getting paid and what to do about it.

Remember to read part one for tips on how to move your blogging from free samples to proper income.

What essentials would you say bloggers should have in place in order to ensure they get paid in a timely manner?

Bloggers need to be aware that in order to get paid for their work, they need to take some simple steps before completing any assignment for a brand. You must agree with the brand, in writing, the following details:

1. A detailed description of what you will be expected to produce (develop a recipe, provide a social media endorsement etc.) be as specific as possible to avoid disputes down the line)
2. The timeline for completing the assignment.
3. What you will be paid for delivering the assignment within the agreed timeframe (this can be an hourly rate or pro rata fee)
4. Your payment terms (typically 30 days from the invoice date) and whether you will be charging VAT.

If you have a solid agreement from the brand on these 4 points you will make your life considerably easier when an invoice becomes due.

What’s the biggest mistake you see bloggers and influencers make when it comes to getting paid?

The main issue we see with bloggers tends to be a lack of organisation when it comes to the consistency and accuracy of their invoicing process.
If you manage your client billing in a haphazard manner, you will receive haphazard payments in return. You can transform your ability to get paid through very simple measures focused around the quality and timing of your invoices, learning how to deal with brands from a relationship management standpoint, and educating yourself on basic contractual agreements to ensure accurate and timely payment.
At GetMePaid we insist that all our bloggers use what’s called a “Letter of Agreement” which is a simple contract signed by the blogger and the brand outlining exactly what an assignment involves, how much the blogger will be paid, and on what date they will be paid.
This typically resolves 90% of late payment issues upfront by avoiding any confusion before work on the project commences.

 A blogger does some work for a brand but the payment isn’t forthcoming after a couple of chasers. What’s your advice?

This is where you need to stay calm and keep things professional. Not getting paid can be extremely frustrating and tensions can run high but always remember that you are representing your personal brand and many instances of late payment are caused by disorganisation rather than an outright unwillingness to pay. Calmly state that you have provided services as per your invoice (quote the invoice date, date work was completed, and the amount to be paid) and let them know that you are a freelance operator and that you rely heavily on positive monthly cashflow.
If the reasonable approach fails to work it may be time to engage the services of a professional collections firm who can negotiate on your behalf to resolve the issue.

Got more questions? Health Bloggers Community and are hosting a talk on the topic of negotiating for bloggers on Tuesday 21st February 2018. Find out more and get your tickets. 

And remember if you’re not sure what to charge you can download the HBC’s influencer pricing guidelines here to give you an idea of what others are making.