For many small businesses, a good place to work can be invaluable.

Working from home can mean you spend days without seeing anyone or properly leaving the house which often ends up leaving people demotivated and frustrated. Really, there’s freedom and opportunity in not being tied to one place as long as you can sit down and get on with your work without any distraction.

Whilst Pret and Starbucks can be cost efficient and reliable (when there are plugs), there’s so much more out there to explore that we have found to be inspiring and motivating.

The spaces listed below can lead to so much more than a solid days work.

These are spaces that create opportunities to meet new people, surround you with useful resources, and discover the talks & discussions London has to offer.

TIP: Make sure there are plenty of plugs, natural light, quiet, good internet connection & check the opening/closing times!

Google Campus, Old Street

In the heart of East London, Google Campus is free to be a member (thanks Google) once you’ve attended their tour first on a Monday night.

Created especially for freelancers and entrepreneurs, there are interesting talks most nights as well as yoga & meditation at the same time every week. Establishing a routine around these activities will result in an increase in productivity throughout your working week for a lot of people.

The food and the coffee are good and there are plenty of plugs, I recommend taking your own coffee cup or water flask to reduce waste.

The opening times are 9am- 5.30pm, which may help you end your working day at a sensible time and ensure you don’t overwork yourself in the first half of the week. Get there in the morning to get yourself settled into a good spot, it gets busy around lunch time.

Barbican Centre, Barbican

Close to the city and to east London, there is so much going on at The Barbican Centre, it’s one of the most inspiring places to work. You can work from the library or you can chill on the sofas in the foyer and watch the world go by until martini o’clock at The Martini Bar. There are plugs spaces around, plenty of different options for food and drink.

I end up chatting to interesting people when I work from here. When you do work from here I recommend going to The Barbican Cinema to watch a film at the end of the day or stroll around their exhibitions at lunchtime.

Second Home, Shoreditch

If you need a space to work from on weekends, there’s live music in the foyer in the evening that’s free for passers-by to stop and watch.

Jago at Second Home, Shoreditch

If you’re not a member of Second Home you can go and work from the cafe there. there are plenty of plugs, the wifi is great and you often meet interesting, like-minded people there. This is great for networking organically.

Again, take a look at their events and talks. The most amazing people speak there and tickets are mostly affordable. The food and coffee are delicious, obsessed with the bread from E5 Bakehouse.

National Theatre & The Southbank Centre, Waterloo

This is a regular haunt for us. It’s close enough to the Tate Modern & Hayward Gallery, full of creative inspiring people and there are lots of decent food places around for a lunchtime treat. There are plenty of plugs if you get a good spot, and the wifi works.

The Southbank Centre hosts really good quality talks and if you do like to leave your laptop for a bit at lunchtime, the walk down the river is beautiful.

108 Marylebone

Hotels can be the best places for entrepreneurs and remote workers. This is a favorite hotel of ours for coffee, meetings, working, cocktails (because celebrating your wins is key), breakfast, dinner, you name it. A short walk from Bond Street Station and not far from Baker Street.

The opening hours are long and the atmosphere changes throughout the day which makes the day move a little faster. The wifi is good, there are plugs if you look around and there are quieter areas.

We tend to sit in the lobby or the pantry rather than in the bar. It’s quieter and you tend to be undisturbed unless there’s an event on and they need to move you.

V&A Library, South Kensington

We haven’t tried this one yet but it’s next on the list.

Highly recommended by friends for the endless resources, inspiring architecture, talks, and exhibitions. The V&A carefully explore popular culture and history which is the marketers’ dream. Much more effective than hoping inspiration hits you from your sofa. Look at their events and activities and plan your day around one of them. I don’t spend much time in South Ken so it’s nice to have an excuse to spend time in another one of London’s many villages.

British Library, King’s Cross

Near King’s Cross so easily accessible, plenty of space and resources for research. The British Library is near enough to The Wellcome Collection to take an inspirational lunch break and have a change of location. The Wellcome Collection is one of my favorite places in London as it explores its exhibitions from a medical, psychological and artistic perspective.

We’d love to hear about the places you enjoy working from too!