It is probably safe to say that Breakfast is #HBloggers’ number 1 meal of the day – both in terms of time order and preference.

Why is that? There are plenty of reasons, and I suspect that nana ice-cream, dates, peanut butter and smoothies are at least partially to blame. Though the aforementioned guilt-free pleasures are there to be enjoyed throughout the day, and indeed they often are, we usually start indulging in the morning… and yes, carry it on throughout the day with occasional breaks for avocados, green leaves and sweet potatoes.

To celebrate the most indulgent meal of the day, here are some alternatives for Saturday morning after-yoga/post-workout/pre-shopping ideas of where to head for a new-age super-green smoothie, or decadent eggs on toast.

For breakfast with boyfriend’s parents: Nopi

Opt for the gluten and dairy-free option of black rice and coconut milk porridge, or shakshuka and a glass of orange juice that will contrast cheerfully with the polished white interior of this smart Soho venue. Arrived too late for breakfast? Even better, as you can always indulge into Ottolenghi’s signature salad platters that look absolutely irresistible – bound to turn any hardcore carnivore into the most fervent veggie-lover. Seriously, they are that good.

For girly chats in yoga pants: Retreat Café

Looking for something more casual? Head to Reatreat Café nearby, the yummiest food joint that is part of the Triyoga centre in the Kingly Court.

My recommendation is ginger muffins and a jug of matcha tea – the former not too sweet, not containing any nasties – obviously – and just heavenly-tasty and filling. The latter – a huge tank of liquid antioxidants to give you that extra glow. Extra bonuses: a yoga session beforehand and a shopping session afterwards – all good for soul, body, and spirit – tested, enjoyed, and approved!

For eggs à la turque: Red Art Café

I was really hesitant to include this East-London treasure in a public list: Red Art is my local secret that I shouldn’t be really telling anyone for the fear of it getting noticed by TimeOut and ruined by crowds and popularity. Yet, I can’t resist sharing the gem with my dear fellow #HBloggers.

Red Art is where I go when I feel like eggs…a lot of eggs (being raw vegan foodie most of the time that doesn’t happen as much as it used to in the past, I must confess). Red Art’s signature dish is menemen, a Turkish specialty of eggs, peppers, tomato and spices cooked in a pan (not to be confused with shakshuka!) – hearty, warming and mega-filling. One dish is enough for two to share, and the price tag is very modest, to say the least. Another item on the menu that the café excels in is orange juice which in their case is always very fresh, sweet and fluffy, nommmmmm.

For the best vibes: Grain Store

I love Grain Store: not for the abundance of veggie options with a gourmet twist created by French stellar chef Bruno Loubet, not for introducing me to banana ketchup, not for the unusual combination of grains and beans kitchen staples with unique molecular experiments, but for its young hip and creative atmosphere that makes me feel like I am having breakfast at the centre of the world. Let’s be frank: a lot of cash has been put into this venture (as Bruno’s co-partners with heavy pockets Michael Benyan and Mark Sainsbury can surely attest to), but it is the cleverness and artful elegance with which this money was spent that never ceases to impress me. The wonderfully airy space with exposed brick walls, open kitchen, dessert chef in the middle, and waiters running around in all directions like busy ants, is exactly what you need on an early spring late Sunday morning – just trust me on this one.