A couple of years ago we published this article on the HBC Magazine, recommending the best cameras for bloggers.

For 2018 our community started asking this question again – what camera is best? We asked our influencer crew which cameras they use and what they’re great for capturing to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date advice.

Here’s what they had to say:

Photo by Fitness Forster, taken on her Canon EOS 1300D

Recommended by Amie from Fitness Forster

Camera: Canon EOS 1300D
Best for: Food (with 50mm lens)
Why: I recommend this camera because it’s super simple to use and the photo quality is amazing! As someone who wasn’t camera-tech savvy when I first bought it, I found it really easy to set up and use.
I mainly use it for food photos (with 50mm lens) as it captures some awesome detailing! I don’t use it for much else but I have been told it’s a good all-round camera for all kinds of photography.

Photo by Ceri Jones on her Canon 100D

Recommended by Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures 

Camera: Canon 100D
Best for: It depends on the lens. The 50mm lens is great for food, though as the 100D is a cropped frame camera you do have to be some distance from your subject (not great in restaurants).  Full frame cameras are another league in terms of price.
Why: This is a great entry level DSLR (~£400) and is light enough to carry out and about.  I’ve had it for 2.5 years, and with a touch screen its easy to use.
I had never used a DSLR before and I got to grips with this fairly quickly.  Spending a while on auto mode before having the confidence to go to manual and learn about ISO, shutter speed and aperture etc bit by bit.
The biggest difference to photography comes with the lens rather than the camera itself.  On buying the camera I also purchased a 50mm f/1.8 lens (~£90), which is wonderful for food photography and portraits because of the small depth of field you can achieve (blurry background with image in focus).
I recently upgraded to the 50mm f/1.4 lens (~£300) which is even sharper and helpful in lower lighting (hello my living room in UK winter).  I rarely use the kit lens.

Photo by Kiki’s Meals taken on her Canon EOS M3 camera

Recommended by Nikita from Kiki’s Meals

Camera: My recommended camera is the Canon EOS M3.
Best for: It is a pretty versatile camera, however I tend to use it for food photography in conjunction with a 50mm lens for a nice depth of field effect. I have also used it for portrait photography before and really enjoyed its user friendliness and speed.
Why: I love that it is not as bulky as my old Nikon D90 dslr camera that I used to use, which means that I can easily carry it to events or freelance food photography gigs.
My favourite thing about it is that I can easily focus using the touch screen and the fact that it’s mirrorless makes it very compact, while at the same time giving me the ability to exchange lenses as needed. I can also quickly transfer my photos to my phone which saves me so much time!

Recommended by Hedvika from Hedi Hearts

Camera: Nikon D750
Best for: Anything to be honest because it’s full frame camera, but remember it’s also all down to the lens you use.
Why: The best bit about this camera is built in WI-Fi. This means you can WI-Fi the raw image to your phone, edit it on your phone and then post or send to your client straight away in a very high quality. Priceless feature!