Bella Kinesis is an activewear brand with a difference.

Repping the girls who love to workout but who also enjoy a chocolate bar every now and then too, their activewear is designed to empower women all over the world. We caught up with co-founder,  Roshni Assomull to get the low down on what it’s all about.

As girls who were never sporty at school and quite frankly hated exercise, Shaleena and I are unlikely sportswear entrepreneurs.

After working for a few years post university, we were at the age when we needed to start looking after ourselves mentally and physically. It was evident that the industries we were working in were taking a toll on our physical health. We knew we had to make a change so we slowly started to dip our toes into fitness. This of course meant updating our workout wardrobe.

We run 10ks but we also love nutella

When we went shopping, we quickly learnt that a lot of the sportswear on the market was made for people who were already fit. To us this seemed almost counterintuitive. How were you meant to reach the fit stage if no one was making clothes to help you get there? So we decided to create Bella Kinesis. We wanted to make activewear for women like us. We run 10ks but we also love Nutella. And our abs are usually hidden but that doesn’t make us question our strength. Bella Kinesis is about balance and enjoying the journey instead of obsessing about the end result. Despite initially getting into fitness to change our body shapes, the biggest and best change that we’ve experienced has been in our confidence.

Before we even launched the business, we started a blog where we would write about trying new workouts. We’re both quite introverted so putting ourselves out there on the internet along with some quite embarrassing photos was pretty scary. We were miles outside of our comfort zone. After just a few months of posting and telling our story, we were amazed by the amount of responses we received from strangers, telling us how much they identified with our experiences. This really touched us and gave us the push we needed to see our vision through.

Getting inspired

We started surveying women about what they looked for in sportswear – what features were most important to them and what issues they had with sports clothes in the past. We took all of this information and started to get to work on our collection. We met with factory owners, sourced some amazing technical fabrics from Italy and spoke to garment specialists about how to best engineer clothing that would offer the support and function active women needed.

Maybe it was the endorphins or maybe it was just from finally working on something that we loved, but there was something within us that really made us feel both content and balanced. We knew we wanted to do something to help other women achieve this feeling so we devised our ‘strength for strength’ mission. We got in touch with a foundation in India, which works to help women start their own businesses through education and mentorship. We were so inspired by their work and immediately knew that we wanted to support their efforts.


Women working to help other women is something we feel so strongly about. For us, Bella Kinesis is so much more than just a brand. We’ve put so much of ourselves into the business. We want to create a community of inspired women who work to support and encourage each other. We’re running a social media campaign called #BKGiveItAnotherGo, through which we share women’s stories and organise accessible workout events so that women can try new forms of fitness in a fun, friendly environment. Through fitness, we’ve discovered that although we might not be the fastest, strongest or most flexible, we can still run that 10k, hold that yoga pose and handle any crazy workout that comes our way. We want to spread this message and hope our brand encourages women to get and stay active, whilst helping them look great as they do it.