Astrology and Astronomy were one subject until the 1700s, when they were recklessly separated!  

Einstein calculated his theory of relativity based on the unequivocal reliability of Mercury to perform precisely as expected. If you are willing to accept the basic premise of astrology, that is:

“the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world”

– then knowing and accepting that the planets move in a very precise, regular and predictable way is fundamental.  

After 10 or 15 minutes of chatting to someone, listening to the way they talk and what they say, I can usually pick out a feature of their chart, which is really satisfying! I cannot help but decode the new people I meet. It is this lifelong experiment that leaves me with the observation that Astrology is a science. An intuitive science, because unless you have the intuition to read and understand a person, you cannot translate their personality traits into the detail of his or her chart.

There are several layers to reading someone’s chart; the positions of all the planets, the aspects that the planets make to each other (think geometry) and the elemental dominants of your chart to name but a few. Every single chart in the world is unique!  Even identical twins were born a few minutes apart. Your chart is a precise map of the sky drawn up from your exact location and the moment of your birth.  


Patterns repeat and character traits show themselves.  However, how we choose to navigate our map is our free will in action. Our chart shows possibility, not destiny. The universe is in motion, so are we. As we navigate the seas of our lives, opportunities and challenges present themselves. How we deal with these will be described in the chart, but it is up to us to be the positive version of ourselves and not the destructive version. Every feature of the chart has the potential to be either very positive or very negative. For instance, Taurus can be wonderfully loyal, reliable and patient. Taurus energy is unmoving; it really does not like to change so a Taurus individual will always be there for you. However, this can translate into being impossibly stubborn and when pushed too far, earth-shatteringly angry!  Most of us humans operate within the best and worst version of ourselves depending on mood, sleep, food and general happiness! We can improve ourselves and our happiness by understanding what we need and most importantly, by accepting, admitting and working with our faults.

“Our chart shows possibility, not destiny”

Last year, I met some French girls in Thailand and one of the girls told me she was a Virgo. She started to crack some jokes about how bad Italians are at speaking English (to the Italian guy we were with!). We had all only met 20 minutes previously and when she started saying “we all think it’s so funny how bad Italians are at speaking English, you know on your phones saying ‘ciao ciao ciao ciao’…” and laughed at herself. It could’ve gone one of two ways but she carried on and started saying “oh well, my Mum is exactly the same saying ‘merci, merci’ and we all love the Italian accent, it’s so funny”, and she continued with her impressions. She revealed herself to me as being strongly Sagittarian!  

The Sagittarian pattern goes like this: make a hugely ‘foot-in-mouth’ comment, leave everyone in the room gobsmacked and gasping for air, carry on talking – oblivious to the faux-pas – laughing and joking at the hilarity, then say something complimentary that was central (but omitted from) the initial statement, winning everyone over with a big smile.  

I checked and she had a Sagittarius moon, so this energy was central to her expression, especially as it was supported by her equally fiery Aries ascendant, alternatively known as Aries rising.

Rising Signs

In 2008 a family friend told me that I was rising Gemini and that is when I became totally and utterly hooked on Astrology. I began to ask everyone I met what time they were born!  The rising sign is the mask we wear when we meet new people, it is how other people perceive us on the first meeting. When we go into new situations, we immediately move into the persona described by our rising sign. It is so interesting to discover and you will recognise yourself in the description.  You can look online and easily find your rising sign if you know your time of birth.  You should know if you have the wrong time of birth as the descriptions are unmistakable.

Mother Moon

The rest of your chart adds details. In very basic terms, each planet represents a different feature of your life. Magically, Astrology works on many levels. For instance, your moon talks about your home, your emotional style, your mother and the way you love and like to be loved. It also talks about how you are nurtured; with food, love and security. If you think about it, it makes sense that all these things are connected; that your perception of your mother figure describes how you feel at home. If you have a Gemini moon, you want, need and crave communication in your relationships above all else. Your mother probably enjoyed talking too, or she was more than a little changeable! Perhaps you moved house frequently, if not, you may simply move furniture around all the time and constantly redecorate your home. Gemini indicates change, communication and a certain fluidity.  

Planetary aspects can override or enormously influence the placement of the moon. For instance, I have two friends born on the same day both with moon in Capricorn. Looking at this placement in isolation you would expect a reserved character, a practical home life and a degree of emotional shyness. However they both have the Moon conjunct Jupiter; the planets were aligned (in one line) at 15 degrees Capricorn. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it lends a more buoyant, excessive and generous feel to their moon, which manifests itself in the way that they both love food like no one else I know! They are both superlatively generous, quick to laugh and often host big parties. This is why it is so important to look at the chart as a whole; the moon in Capricorn ensures they are practical, always have enough money and can look after the people they love; but it is the Jupiter conjunction that inspires them to have parties and to share themselves with so many people. This conjunction elevates them from the potential for depressive and serious qualities that would often be associated with a moon in Capricorn.

Father Sun

Your sun, your star-sign, talks about your father, your ego, your destiny and the type of person you want to be. Naturally this will be different with siblings, but we pick up different features of our parents and we perceive them differently. As a Sagittarius, I have the freedom loving adventurousness of my father, whereas my Virgo sister has the characteristic Virgo long legs and the absolute need for order and neatness. Our egos are different manifestations of different parts of his personality.

Something important to remember with Astrology is that your natal chart is a map of your potential. It indicates talents, it indicates faults and it indicates tendencies. However, it is important to remember that your destiny will be shaped by your choices! Irrespective of Astrology, it is up to you to reach your potential with hard work and dedication. The beauty of understanding your chart is that it will indicate areas of success if you aren’t sure where to start. Unsure of career choices?  Speak to an Astrologer!  Perhaps you have always had it in the back of your mind that you would like to write a book but are too scared to start? An Astrologer will give you some hints on how to go about this.