Looking to mix up your Saturday morning pancake recipe? Why not try these pink pancakes from Soulmate Food! Not only do they look totally gorgeous, but the beetroot and cherry combination gives the dish a delicious and uniquely earthy taste.

Beetroot is bursting with anti-oxidants, fibre magnesium and folic acid, so adding it to your breakfast is a great way to start the day.


 Recipe makes 2 pancakes

For the pancakes

14g beetroot juice

2g baking powder

40g Semi-skimmed milk

20g whole egg

6g vegetable oil

60g self-raising flour

For the garnish

2og beetroot sliced

35g cherry compote

8g coconut shavings

45g cooked beetroot wedges


1. First make the pancakes by mixing all the ingredients in a mixing bowl to make the batter

2.Place half the batter in a small blini pan and cook over a medium heat for two minutes on each side

3.Place the pancakes onto a plate and add the cherry compote between the pancakes. Garnish as seen in the picture.