Healthy mind, healthy body. Simple, right? Well, not exactly. Trying to quieten those little annoying voices in your head that scream ‘I want chocolate’ or ‘I’m too tired to work out today’ or ‘one more glass of wine won’t hurt’ can be a challenge, even for the most committed healthy lifestyle livers. And we’re all familiar with it. How many times have you set your alarm to go off an hour early, with all the intentions of a morning workout… then snoozed past it, comforting yourself with thoughts like ‘I need more sleep, I’ll do it later.’? Yup, us too.

So how do you overcome those self-limiting thoughts? Those 10pm food cravings for ‘just one’ square of chocolate or another spoonful of peanut butter? Whatever your vice, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Now there’s a programme that cuts to the root of the problem. Introducing Mind Zoning: a mind strengthening tool specifically designed to help you create the healthy habits, behaviours and attitudes you need to lead a healthy and holistic life.

What is Mind Zoning?

The clever folks over at Fitlandia have developed the world’s first Mind Zoning audio programme that teaches you how to harness your mind’s own power in order to mentally embrace your goals. Using short audio clips with a soundtrack of relaxing, meditative music, the soothing voice over encourages you to let go of the outside world and turn your focus inwards for a few minutes each day. During this time, you will hear mind-strengthening statements like ‘it’s easy for me to make time for exercise’, ‘I am worthy of having a healthy mind, body and soul’ and ‘I am fully capable of change’ which will soon become your own strong thoughts.

If you want to beat self-limiting thoughts, overcome mental barriers that are holding you back and achieve your health and fitness goals, then you need to start with your mind. Once you have changed your perspective, you’ll soon find that managing emotion-based food cravings, dealing with low self-esteem and combating negative thoughts becomes a whole lot easier.

Your perspective will shift from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I absolutely can and will.’

You deserve to live a happy and healthy life, but the only person who can help you do that is yourself. Mind Zoning offers a handy aid to help you along your quest for a life filled with positivity and self-belief.

Want to strengthen your mind and become unstoppable? Fitlandia are currently looking for worldwide blogging ambassadors to try their programme, which includes unlimited access to their mind zoning tools, for free. To try it out, head to our Collaboration page and apply to become an ambassador.

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