Scrolling through my health and fitness social media feeds, I realised that there are two main types of people: those who have ‘found Balance’ and those that are ‘still on a journey to find Balance’. Now, I know what you must be thinking: WHO THE HECK IS BALANCE?

Well, let me tell you! Balance is a bit like the human race really. He comes in all shapes and sizes and there are billions upon billions of different versions of him.

Your Balance looks very different from my Balance. My Balance is a bit battered and bruised, you see.

He has been through a lot of arguments with Food, Exercise and had a big, messy fall out with Perfection. Balance comes to visit me some days, but he’s a bit of an unreliable guy just now. He shows up randomly and we have THE BEST days, and then he can be gone for a few weeks, and sometimes life gets harder without him. I know my Balance has a lot to learn but he’s so much more grown up than he used to be and is with me a lot of the time now.

Your Balance might have had a smooth sailing ride through life and gets on with everyone, especially Chocolate and Kale. They are all best buddies and spend equal time with each other without ever falling out or neglecting each other. Just like you should never compare yourself to others and love yourself unconditionally; the same goes for your Balance. Trust him, love him and, above all, never compare him to other people’s Balance. It will just upset him.

Your Balance is doing just fine, you’ve been through so much together, and you still have an exciting life ahead of you.

…and one day, when you are through this bumpy patch, you may want to wave goodbye to him completely and find a new friend called ‘Normality’.