There is definitely a honeymoon stage when it comes to blogging.

Those first few months or years when you are just IN LOVE with writing, building an audience and creating cute images to go with your post. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE blogging, writing and creating my tribe but I am sure I am not alone in what I call ‘the blogging overwhelm’.

This is when you realise that you haven’t replied to your comments for days or weeks (years? Honestly it took me about 6 months to realise there was a comments section on word press!), discover another social media platform you could promote you blog on, have about 4 urgent posts that you need to write asap and for most of us, other job/family commitments we need to keep on top of.

Blogging can be utterly overwhelming if you let it. It is a beautiful, multifaceted beast that requires writing, editing and unfortunately for me, decent spelling skills (it has taken me a while to learn how to spell spirulina!) It also requires computer savviness, determination and a lots of juicy creative ideas. So the art of a successful blog is finding the balance of these things and not letting any overwhelm set in. Today I am going share with you my simple system that has revolutionised my blog and business life. The thing that allowed me to claw myself out of the ‘omg I have so much to do’  pit and into a more calm, strategic and if applicable profiable way of working.

I call the system the Three T’s System and it stands for

  1. Top
  2. Three
  3. Tasks

Every day, every week and every month I set my Top Three Task’s. Let me show you how it is done.

Start by spending 15 minutes at the start of each month to write out your TTT’S for your blog. For example you might want to create a new Opt In to get more subscribers, do a guest post for another blog, consistently post onto Facebook or increase the amount of posts you are doing.

If you find it hard to pin down three – write out EVERYTHING you would ideally get done in a month and then circle the three most important.  Be ruthless but follow you gut on this and go with your intuition BUT be aware of what you need to do to grow your audience.

Then you need to make this practical for your day to day and week to week. I use a weekly planner template to plan out my week and then each day I write out my TTT’s. But you can also just write it out in you note book or on your phone too – whatever works for you, I am a very visual person and like writing straight onto paper.

So for example I may wake up with about 3 recipes in my head, know I have an inbox that has grown by 50 emails overnight, one2one clients to see,  Facebook comments to reply to, adverts to arrange, meetings to attends, other blogs to catch up on and a bathroom to clean. So before I get stressed I look at my months TTT’S and check my weekly planner.

I realise that I don’t urgently need to create another recipe, that my inbox is not on my task list for the day (I have a 2-3 set times a week where I clear my inbox) and I and calm down and realise that my TTT’S for the day are my one2one clients, my afternoon meeting and cleaning the bathroom because a clean loo makes for a happy heart in my books.

Simple. I suddenly have focus, clarity and a plan for the day.

And because it is fun to share the love I am happy to give you a copy of my weekly planner template for FREE. Just click here  to get a copy straight to your inbox. I print this off in batch and each Monday spend 15 minutes filling it in so I can ensure I get sh*t done. It also includes a section or life and admin task as all those things are important  if we want to stay sane, and a section for you to plan out your weekly blog posts.

I have found this system a life saver and it has massively improved my productivity, profitability and it has most importantly helped reduce the OVERWHELM.