Let’s be honest.

We would be extremely hypocritical if we said we did not love avocados. Because, well, our logo is an avocado.

Even more importantly, avocado on toast is seriously one of the best things in life. Avocado and chocolate is also a match made in foodie heaven. No doubt about it.

However, we are still debating the ‘avocado pit trend‘.

Oreo is notorious for coming out with some questionable flavours. However, when Oreos fans were asked to choose their new creation, well, we were in for a surprise.

Welcome: avocado Oreos.

The flavour was made as part of their #MyOreoCreation contest, where Oreo fans suggested flavour ideas and got their imaginations going pretty wild. As a result, Avocado Oreos could soon be hitting the aisles at your local supermarket. Even better, you could be one of the first to try it. Oreo is making test-batches of the ideas and sending them to customers for feedback.

Some of the fan favourites, according to AdWeek, include carrot cake, salted caramel, unicorn, pineapple upside-down cake, popcorn, mermaid and yes, avocado.

Social media’s reaction has been undoubtedly mixed, and the only thing we can do right now is wait.

Avocado has been the most hyped food of 2017

After avocado pizza, avocado roses, avocado yoghurt ice cream and, of course, the first Avocado Restaurant (The Avocado Show in Amsterdam), it’s no surprise that bigger brands are jumping on the avo-ship.

The Avocado Show is every good-fat lover’s dream: aside from being one of the most Instagrammed restaurants in Europe, the cafe also promises to sate any type of sweet or savoury mood, serving a range of items from the stalwart avocado on toast to decadent avo chocolate smoothies.

However there’s no Avo-Latte in sight, thankfully. If you haven’t heard of the avo-latte trend, let us bring you up to date. It started life as a joke that turned into a hipster sensation just last spring.

It involves drinking your latte out of (you guessed it) an avocado.

Combining two of Melbourne’s obsessions – lattes and avo 😂

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The question everybody is asking though, is would it even actually taste good?

Cheers to that.