Today we caught up with Anta, founder of Auro Fit, to discuss the future of home fitness – and why it’s set to take the industry by storm.

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Auro is on a mission to create a truly motivating, connected fitness experience that keeps people coming back for more by combining world-class instructors, killer playlists and data science led personalisation.

Why are people looking to workout without time or location commitments?

As work-life has invaded into personal life with the explosion of smartphones, consumers are increasingly looking at options to fit workouts into their lifestyle rather than the other way around.

Consumers are much more mobile today than they said even 10 years ago, so there is an increasing need for them to be able to workout without constraints.

Why do you think audio workouts are going to impact the habits of gym goers?

Audio is on major uptrend into our lives as audio is a more natural medium of consuming content than text and places constraints on an increasingly mobile consumer.

The no of podcast listeners in the UK is about 6 million which is up from 3.8 million just in 2016 and the majority of these consumers are millennials.

The UK has 9.7 million gym members, however, about only 250k of them use personal trainers. Similarly, the number of consumers consuming boutique fitness is quite small ( 500k).

Audio workouts will make personalised instruction and boutique style fitness classes affordable to the 95% that have not experienced this product before. It will help them make better use of their gym membership and increase activity levels nationwide

How is this going to affect big gym chains and personal trainers?

I don’t see this product necessarily as a threat to either one of those. Big gyms should embrace this product as it will help member retention and if properly integrated with their equipment, this product can help them intervene before customers churn

As for personal trainers, this product is primarily aimed at making a personalised instruction to the 95% of the consumers who have not had access to this because of price and convenience issues rather than replace human PTs.

How is this going to affect boutique studios and higher-end offerings?

Similar to the PTs, higher-end offerings such as boutiques have not reached the vast majority of the population. I see consumers using a bouquet of services and not see one as a replacement for another.

So, a customer may still go to a studio but maybe less often as with the audio product, the gym experience is pretty much the same experience save the gimmicks such as Proseccos and fancy dresses.

I envision that over the next 5 years or so most consumers will have subscriptions to one / many of these many services and I see Auro being one of these core offerings.

I don’t believe that there will be just one player. There are 150 million European who are active ( 2.5 hours of activity per week) as per Eurostat. I don’t see why the vast majority of them would not use a digital service like Auro and why all of these players cannot co-exist as the market is potentially massive.

At Auro, we are laser focused on personalising the experience for the user using AI and data science instead of overwhelming with a ton of content that is not really personalised.

We want to provide an audio coach that is going to be hyper-personalised, contextual and is adaptive in real time to the needs of every user.

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