Jennifer Trask helps coaches and healers become great entrepreneurs.

Through my private coaching practice, speaking, products and online programmes, I help clients break out of lack and create abundant mindsets so that they can grow into the leaders they need to be to gain the income and impact they desire. Combine that my with strategic business direction and my clients experience massive shifts and growth in business.

With customers and clients in over five continents and reaching over 7,500+ coaches and healers online, I’m living my passion of helping others profitably live theirs.

Bloggers can start using their posts to promote their services by creating content that actually helps people.

The worst is when you read an article that promises X result and then half way through you realise you only get said result if you buy their stuff. Yuck.

Help someone and then offer them the next natural step. Hey, did you like this one solution? Well, here are my top 10 in this programme.

I had a blog back when I was in network marketing (my first business). It took a few years for me to find my niche but once I started coaching coaches, I began consistently blogging (video and/or text) and it helped turned my business into a full time venture!

Get laser focused on who you are targeting and how you help them. Then, choose two or three strategies that combine your best talents (are you great at writing, speaking, video, etc.?), budget and time. Go hard with them.

Consistency is the key and that’s where most people fall down.

Consistency builds trust and enables you to master something and therefore get better results.

Create a schedule and always be at least a few weeks ahead. I have found that if I’m always creating content last minute I get more frustrated and overwhelmed. But if I am ahead of the game, scheduling wise, I’m good to go!

When in need for help, hiring a VA to help you with the pieces that aren’t your area of expertise (like video editing, grammar checks, making the images, formatting, etc.) will make better use of your time so you can focus on your zone of genius.

I think people believe they have to find that ‘perfect person’ or else it won’t work before they even get started.

The reality is that you have to start with what you’ve got and over time you get clearer and clearer on your ideal client and niche. Nothing replaces time in the saddle. It’s actually doing the work, even if it’s not perfect (who are we kidding, it never will be) and just going for it. So many people get paralysed due to over-analysing, when in reality they are just wasting time. Get started and know that you will figure it out as you go. Clarity comes from action.

Not being sale-sy starts with your mindset.

If you feel icky about selling, it’s because you are in the wrong mindset about sales.

Sales = solutions. You aren’t a charity. You’re a business so of course you are going to offer something. My philosophy has always been that you have to earn the right to sell. If you are creating great consistent value in the marketplace via your marketing, then you are educating your potential buyers on why and how you can help them when they are ready to go deeper. You are offering them that as a solution. That’s all. It’s not bad to help people. It’s really, really good.

When you see sales as the next logical step for those who are ready, it’s easy to sell. That’s when you sell without selling. You’re in business to help people. So do that with your awesome products and services.

Your ideal clients will be SO GLAD you offered them your solution when they have the results. They‘ll be doing the happy dance.

Think about the aftermath (the happy dance) and it makes selling easy!

Lastly, know this: people value what they pay for.

By you having things people can pay for it helps them get more invested in getting the results. Selling your services actually helps people get better results. YAY YOU!

I work with clients privately and in my mastermind group. I love helping people figure out what is best for them. Often times I find people need that one-on-one time to talk about their situation versus learning strategies from a course. It helps create a level of clarity that you just can’t get by yourself.

If someone wants to get super clear on their strategy with me (risk free) they can grab this offer.