In a world full of diets, health and wellness we are bombarded with so much information on, well, everything! Diet, exercise, food, wellness- you name it, there is a minefield of information out there, some credible and some not-so-much.

Within this whole minefield there has been a rise in what people are calling ‘The Non-Diet Approach’. Before I delve into this, just have a moment to think about that word, non-diet, what does it mean to you?

In a world ruled by fad diets is the non-diet becoming the new diet?

When someone mentions the word ‘diet’ it automatically makes most people think of cutting out certain foods, cutting calories and cutting out carbohydrates. In a nutshell if you’re going on a ‘diet’ that translates to weight loss to the majority of people. But what if this is turned on it’s head and people aren’t on a diet? Welcome the non-diet approach.

If people ask me if I am on a diet my answer is always no. Personally I really dislike the word and as mentioned above, people associate it with cutting calories and foods. Then usually comes this question- how do I stay so ‘skinny’ (another awful word) if I’m not dieting? First of all, I’m not ‘skinny’, I’m just your typical 5ft 8” woman and secondly, the word diet means something very different to me than it does to the person asking the question. This is where it gets interesting…

The Non-Diet, what does it actually mean?

Honestly, it could mean anything to anyone but I get the impression that a non-diet, to most, means that you can eat whatever you like. This has come from a rise in social media influencers promoting themselves eating anything and everything- pizza, chocolate, doughnuts- you name it, they are eating it.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those foods at all, in moderation, but the rise in this non-diet approach promoted across social media by some very influential people has almost become the new ‘diet’. The promotion of this alongside the photos of them still looking fit and healthy can be very misleading.

Social media is just a 2 second snapshot of peoples lives, which of course lots of us know and take with a pinch of salt but, to others it gives the impression that this is the way people are living their lives in turn making them think it’s ok to do the same.

People are jumping quickly on the non-diet band wagon but taking it to extremes. It seems the non-diet is slowly turning into the new ‘all or nothing’ approach which is just as bad for your health as any other fad diet. Cutting out foods and nutrients in our day-to-day lives isn’t good for our health and when looking at the opposite, it’s also not ideal to be eating lots of highly processed foods and foods filled with sugars either.

So what are we supposed to do?

Education. Education is key. Unfortunately the industry is lacking greatly in this area and this is why people see one person doing something and think it’s ok. Personally I don’t believe in or use the term ‘diets’, the same as I personally think the term ‘non-diet’ shouldn’t be used either.

Nutrition is where I think we need to be focussing our attention and educating people on this term, the meaning of it and what it means for people in general. Fuelling the body, mind and soul appropriately to be able to live our lives the best way we possibly can.