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I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at the beginning of 2017 and have since found out I am gluten, wheat and dairy intolerant so I have cut those things out of my diet.

I try to intuitively listen to my body and give it what it needs.

My diet is primarily Paleo although I don’t particularly buy red meat or like to eat it as much. I like a lot of fish, vegetables and my meals are usually quite green and balanced but if I ever crave a cheeky dessert than I also won’t deprive myself of it, I will, however, try and create a healthy-ish version that is not riddled with sugar.

My motto is ‘eat real food’ so I don’t really like to buy/eat anything with a list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce and don’t sound like food.

I’d rather make a lot of stuff myself at home that way I know exactly what’s in it and I can happily feed my family knowing it’s wholesome and nourishing.

I am a self-proclaimed lover of (real) food, fitness with travel thrown in for good measure.

I believe in self-love and loving the life the life that you’re living so I try to live by that motto as much as I can. I love my life, my family and am always on the lookout for the next adventure.

I usually wake up around 7:30am and do a quick 15/20 minute meditation.

This is not always possible but I try and get it done as often as I can just to get myself set for the day.

Then I get my 7-year-old son up and ready for school. After school drop off I’ll normally do a yoga workout at home (yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is my absolute fav), or head to a class at Psycle in Shoreditch or my local gym.

I like variety in my workouts so I switch between spin, barre and HIIT.

Credits: @fordtography

After class/yoga is when I’ll usually have breakfast and get to work. I’ll check my emails, respond to messages on Instagram, communicate with brands/bloggers I’m working or collaborating with and start planning my Instagram posts for the week.

I do a mix of planned posts using Planoly so I know how everything is going to look aesthetically before I post.

I like to plan my blog posts in advance and have at least a week’s worth of content ready to go, so I’m not scrambling for what to post at the last minute. 

I also work as freelance social media manager so I’ll usually get a lot of that work done at this point.

Blogging and Social media are pretty much my career, therefore it is important that I treat it seriously.

I love what I do and I’m lucky that I get to do it every day but my biggest struggle is finding balance. I try to plan as much as much as I can and schedule things in advance. That normally helps take the pressure off.

I thought it would be easy to fit blogging in the go into my everyday life and it wasn’t.

Having a blog plan and putting aside maybe a day to create content in advance is the best thing you could do for yourself and your blog to avoid burnout.

Lunch is normally whatever leftovers there are from last night’s dinner as my partner and I do normally cook as if we’re feeding an army. That is unless I have a lunch meeting or an event to attend.

I am a huge fan of poke (a Hawaiian marinated raw fish salad) That can be made with different types of fish.

I also love the vegan poke that’s made with sweet potato and quinoa, absolutely delicious, I’m obsessed!

Instagram: @mandsmillie

3:30pm is when I normally pick my son up from school, then I’m occupied with mum stuff (playing, after-school clubs, that kinda thing).

Evenings are all about dinner as a family, winding down and once my son is in bed I might get into doing a couple of posts or editing content for my social media channels.