For 15 years, MoreNiche has been operating a successful affiliate network with hard-working affiliates and high converting brands within the health and beauty niche. MoreNiche only offers the best quality products paying high commissions, ensuring our affiliates have the best chance of success.

Whether you’re a newbie, a super affiliate, or somewhere in between, our highly trained affiliate specialists can offer industry leading support to optimise your performance and increase your earnings. We pride ourselves on our close relationships and ‘affiliate first’ approach.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of monetising your blog or website by promoting a retailer’s product, without all the hassle of fulfilment or customer support.

The basic principle is that you can be financially rewarded for referring customers to a brand or product. In some cases, this could be a small set price commission for a lead such as a survey response. MoreNiche, however, works on a revenue share basis where affiliates refer sales and earn between twenty and eighty percent of the sale value.

Most MoreNiche affiliates have found the most successful promotional method to be creating an authority site within a particular niche and filling it with news, opinion articles, helpful information and the all important product reviews and recommendations. This content is supplemented with resources provided by MoreNiche such as banners, professional and amateur style images and videos.

Some brands manage their own affiliate programmes, but working with a network like MoreNiche means access to a range of different products in one place, each with unique tracking links. You can then find all your clicks, sales and referral data ready for analysis in the MoreNiche dashboard.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate as a blogger?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of affiliate marketing is the ability to earn money in your sleep — well, that’s the dream isn’t it?! Of course regular updates and work is required but once you’ve set up a successful site those sales will keep coming in.

If you’re an experienced blogger then you’ve already done the hardest parts of affiliate marketing;

  • You’ve got traffic — this is the biggest struggle when starting out. It’s much easier to add in relevant product reviews and content to start monetising current traffic.
  • You’ve built trust — already having established relationships with your visitors or readers means they will be more likely to follow your recommendations.
  • You’ve got motivation — simply having the drive to sit down and work on something unprompted is tougher than you’d imagine. If you’re running a blog, you have this key element already

Bloggers can boost their affiliate marketing by:

  • Writing regular quality content promoting products you are passionate about.

  • Nurturing trust with your audience.
  • Always learning! The industry moves so quickly, you need to keep up with SEO trends and Google algorithm changes.
  • Choosing a network with the right support. A talented affiliate specialist/manager can make all the difference.
  • Helping and learning from other affiliate marketers. Use forums or Facebook groups such as the MoreNiche Affiliate Lounge to connect, share ideas and help each other.
  • Venture into new ways of promoting your content and widening your reach such as paid advertising, email marketing or social media marketing.

How important is social media in building trust between blogger and audience?

Very important. People turn to social media for recommendations, opinions, inspiration, and of course, verification.

Similarity to blogging, affiliate marketing very much depends on your relationship with your readers, which is often built through your openness and honesty on social media. A strong social media presence allows people to learn more about you and your brand (yes, you are a brand)! You are increasing the chances of connecting with your audience as well as engaging with them on a regular basis. The more they know, the more they’ll trust your opinions.

How important is brand identity in affiliate marketing?

More so now than ever. In the early days an affiliate marketer could build a quick website with low quality content and use black hat techniques to drive enough traffic to convert. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

An affiliate needs to consider their brand identity. A well branded, memorable site will mean your visitors are more likely to come back to you time and time again, even directly searching for you.

“In such a saturated, competitive market a strong brand identity will give you the edge.”

What are some of the drawbacks of being an affiliate, and how can bloggers overcome them?

Affiliate marketing is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme as it is often perceived: it takes time to grow a successful brand. You need to trial and error the products you promote and sometimes consider different niches. It is important to keep doing this until you know exactly what your audience is interested in. Once you do, focus your attention on growing your most popular niche.

Possibly the most nerve-shredding news for affiliate marketers is the announcement of a Google algorithm update. Some can find a significant drop in rankings and subsequently sales overnight. However, if you’ve consistently worked to provide helpful and quality content without incorporating underhand techniques, you’ll most likely survive.

 How can bloggers build trust with their audience in order to make conversions?

By only promoting products in which you believe and are passionate about. Writing about a product that you have first hand experience with is beneficial for you as a blogger; not only will it be easy for you to write about the product, the content will naturally contain relevant and high-ranking keywords.

How can affiliate bloggers stand out in popular niches and markets?

Be yourself and be authentic. I know this sounds cliché but it will help create your brand identity.

It is also important to try out different marketing opportunities. This include PPC (Pay Per Click) or remarketing ads, email marketing, and social media marketing. At MoreNiche, we have specialists in all these marketing channels available to our affiliates. They provide support and advice on how to best implement these campaigns to help boost your affiliate marketing business. Remember that the more visible your content is in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), the more chance you’ll stand out in popular niches and markets.

This article was created in collaboration with MoreNiche.