Today we have a chat with Bekah Davies ahead of her panel at our News & Trends event on September 15th.

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Bekah Davies is the founder of BEKIBO London, a luxury online Health and Wellness brand which launched in 2017.

The English born entrepreneur founded BEKIBO after an inspiring trip to Sydney, Australia where her passion for living a healthy lifestyle evolved. After returning back to the UK in 2015, Bekah noticed that the wellness space had not even scratched the surface in the UK. Identifying a gap in the market for premium activewear and wellness brands, and the potential to market through Instagram and upcoming influencers, the idea for BEKIBO was born. Bekah began extensively researching the market and decided “Athleisure” was going to be the next big thing in the wellness space.

Bekah was inspired by the wellness industry and the potential for growth in this space and so took the risk and quit her 9-5 job to launch and fully invest her time in BEKIBO in 2017.

Bekah now lives and works fulltime in Oxford juggling the growth of running her own wellness business and loving every minute of it.

The brand has since amassed a massive following that counts all our favourite Instagrammers including Lottie Murphy, Natalie Glaze, Carly Rowena, Danielle Peaszer, Adrienne LDN and made in Chelsea Star Lauren Hutton. The brand has expanded its activewear range to include P.E Nation, LNDR, Ana Heart, Silou London, Adrenna, Yogi Bare, Jaggad, Koral while also offering wellness brands such as By Sarah London, Oilixia,  Sister & Co.

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Hi I’m Bekah Davies Founder of BEKIBO London and online destination for the world’s most stylish Activewear and Wellness brands.

I don’t think women understood how fun & stylish their workout wardrobe could be and how it can motivate them to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle.

After moving back to the UK I quickly realised there was a growing market for fashionable activewear. New brands were launching all the time in Australia, the US and here in the UK and I wanted to create a destination site that could offer women a wide range of simple stylish workout pieces that could support their active lifestyles, not just in the gym but also after their workouts too.

Each day I am continuously growing BEKIBO and our brands and I can’t wait to see were the wellness industry takes us!

What have been the most surprising activewear trends for Spring / Summer 2018?

The most surprising trends this summer has got to be the number of retro collections which I have seen emerging from both the smaller and bigger brands. There seems to be a lot more focus on the fashion pieces as appose to your everyday activewear legging and crop.

How is sustainability entering the world of activewear?

Sustainability is definitely on everyone’s minds especially when it comes to creating a product. I have noticed more and more brands are becoming very conscious of the way they create and handle their products, an example of an activewear brand that is already doing this very well is Adrenna. I feel this is going to be something every brand will be doing in the next few years and I really do hope to see more of it.

Can you see a specific decade influencing the current trends?

Yes, I can definitely see more of an 80’s feel happening with the current trends that we see today, especially with the brand P.E Nation who is constantly dropping collections which are more fashion focused.

How will things change in Autumn / Winter season?

I am starting to see more and more delicate prints emerging and I feel this is something which may change the activewear collections we see today.

Any particular brand that is changing the activewear game?

Yes it has to be P.E Nation, this brand is by far the most “athleisure” brand I have come across and they have really focused on creating collections that you can wear not just in the gym but outside the gym too, they have even launched a new denim and swimwear range. These ladies are truly the biggest trendsetters in the activewear space!

Which brands are really popular in the shops?

I am noticing there is now more of a demand for new and upcoming activewear brands, more so than the mainstream brands. I feel this is because the wellness industry is constantly growing and smaller brands are emerging. Women now have a choice and they are becoming a lot more aware of their workout wardrobe. Women don’t want to be wearing something everyone else has got, they want to be different and look and feel amazing not just in the gym but outside the gym too.

Is there a brand you are personally very excited by? 

I am personally excited about the brand LNDR, as they are constantly creating beautiful collections and each piece of activewear is not only on trend but is also very technical.

When you put a pair of their leggings on they make you feel ten times smaller, I’ve never owned a pair of leggings that pull you in as much as these do and most all it makes you feel and look amazing, I never want to take them off! I can’t wait to see what this brand has in stall for us, and I am looking forward to seeing the new Autumn/Winter collection very soon!

Number one item that everyone needs?

A good sports bra!

Unexpected trend that will crop up?

Activewear which you can also swim in!