A pop-up experience celebrating California’s favorite fruit”. 

After the first Avocado restaurant in Amsterdam, it’s not surprising to hear that San Diego will be the host of an immersive pop-up experience that will be open from June to August.

Yes, we are talking about an avocado exhibition

Credits: @thecado on Instagram

Built out of 16 shipping containers fused together to create an expansive mobile structure, you’ll walk into our lobby and be fully immersed in a story as each exhibit builds on the one before, promising for you to “see the California Avocado in a new light as you walk through the skin and into the fruit.”

According to the release, you’ll be using your sense of touch in the “Ripe Room”, textured like its skin then transports you through its green ombré-colored flesh to the center, through the “powder room”, and an avocado-centric grocery store.

You’ll also get to enjoy the fragrance of California avocado trees and, of course, sample loads of avocado.

Find more about the Cado and how to get your hands on tickets here.