Self-care is a much needed addition to our busy lives.

With the overwhelming rise of social media, stresses of deadlines and life’s hustles and bustles, it is essential we take time for ourselves.

Taking a day, or even a morning, to take things at your own pace can do wonders for your mental wellbeing and can ensure you bring your best energised self to whatever you apply yourself to!

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By having a read of the following tips, I hope you’re inspired to reclaim your day off and use it to rest, recharge and give yourself some much-needed love!


Start your day by hydrating your body! Our bodies have been asleep for at least seven hours (hopefully!) and are in desperate need of rehydration. Leaving a glass of water by your bed will remind you to do this. For extra self-care points, squeeze some lemon into it in the morning for added Vitamin C!

Resist the scroll

As self-care is all about YOU, try and resist scrolling through social media first thing in the morning. Looking through other peoples’ lives may not benefit yours today. Instead you could read, call a friend or plan some other things you could do today that make you happy!


Meditation is a great way to give yourself some loving on your day off. When our lives are so full of activity, so is our mind! Meditating even for just ten minutes can calm your mind and put you in the positive mindset you need for the rest of the day.

Some great free apps, like 1 Giant Mind, Headspace and Calm offer free guided meditations to get you started and are there to pick up whenever you need.

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Rest and recover

Listening to your body is one of the keys to self-care and often our bodies need a break! Resting is as healing as exercise at times, so having a day off from the gym is nothing to feel guilty about.

If your body is craving movement – listen. If your body is craving some more zzz’s – listen.

Gentle yoga or a walk is perfect to ease your body into movement and getting the blood flowing can release endorphins (positive hormones). I love following YouTube yoga flows as you can choose the length of the class and do yoga from the comfort of your bedroom.

Check out: Yoga with Adrienne, Boho Beautiful and Sarah Beth Yoga


Nourishing your body is one of the highest forms of self-care and has so many benefits to both your physical and your mental wellness. Incorporate it into your day off by having a flick through some of your favourite recipe books, food blogs or magazines and select a couple to try out. You could even bake yourself some healthy sweet treats to enjoy in the evening.


Ultimately, reclaiming your day off should include doing something that brings you joy.

Everyone is different, with different passions and interests. So, whether it is getting lost in a good book, writing down your thoughts and ideas, going out and exploring your city or talking to someone you love; find what brings you joy and schedule it in!


I hope this has given you some ideas of how to reclaim your day off and incorporate self-care into your day. These things have brought me joy when I find myself feeling burnt out and in need of a recharge and I hope that if you try any of these ideas, you enjoy every second.


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