Curious to know more about what a Nutritional Therapist day’s consists of? We interviewed Jodie Brandman on what her 9-5 looks like, including the all important lunch….

What is your job?

I’m a registered nutritional therapist and specialise in female health and fertility.

What responsibilities does your job entail?

Essentially I help people get to the root cause of their issues and work with them on creating nutrition and lifestyle plans to reach their goals. I also write articles for various magazines, carry out nutrition workshops, and give talks to corporate companies on how to prevent burnout or boost their energy.

How did you get your job?

I trained for 3 years in nutritional therapy and have been building up my practice for the last couple of years. I previously had a smoothie truck too so met a lot of wonderful people in the wellness world through that, which has really helped.

How does your typical day go?

I work from home so it’s a pretty casual start, I get up and either do some meditation or yoga, make breakfast and then head into my office to begin work for the day.

Every day is different in terms of the content but I either fill it by seeing clients, writing articles/ blogs, filming videos, or researching nutrition topics so I stay up to date with the latest information.

Sometimes I’ll have meetings too where I venture into London, or I schedule in lunch with a friend, but I always try and ensure I get out for a walk with some fresh air. I’ve recently started getting a little cabin-feverish though so I’m trying to make a bit more of an effort to write and research in local coffee shops so I can be around other people.

What does your work space look like?

I just have a basic desk by a window with my himalayan salt lamp, and essential oil diffuser! It’s very casual… My bookcase is also behind me so I can grab books whenever I need them…

Tell us about your lunch!

Lunch consists mainly of cooked veggies and whatever protein and healthy fat is in the fridge. I wish it was more exciting but I’m not much of a chef… I know how to nutritionally balance my meals so whatever I have it gets put in a bowl and devoured! I also usually want something sweet afterwards so it’s either a hot coconut milk with lucuma, or whatever treat recipe I’ve been experimenting with that week.

What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

The best part is working with clients and seeing their health dramatically improve over the course of a few months. I see people’s blood work change, energy levels go up, and their whole appearance looks so different from when they started seeing me. The worst bits are working alone as I love to be around people.

How do you unwind after work?

The evenings are really spent making dinner and then eating it with my hubby, nothing too formal! I then either read or we watch something light hearted on TV and I have an early night… I feel so old writing this, maybe I need to shake things up a bit!

How do you prepare for the next day?

I’ve started to write a to-do list before bed of things I want to achieve the next day. It’s really useful to have a basic plan that helps me focus and is also an opportunity to get things out of my mind and on paper.

I used to write gratitude journals, do more yoga, read self-improvement books, and write a bullet journal, but I ended up exhausting myself trying to “be a better version of myself” that I now just try and keep it simple.

What mantra do you live by?

“Everything happens for a reason” is my favourite… It’s so cliche but it’s one I tell myself all the time, it just gives me a sense of calm.

Even when things may seem a bit rubbish I try and focus on the fact that it will all make sense a little further down the line. I’m also loving “just go with it”… I’m naturally very analytical and try to make sure everything is within my control, but I’m working on letting go a little more and rolling with whatever comes my way.