Wellness has become a priority in many peoples lives now a days,  and this year more than ever we are seeing a rise in a full on global movement.

Last year brought us turmeric, cacao, the importance of inflammation fighting foods, fit technology, to DNA testing, brain boosting remedies, green beauty, to unplugging wellbeing retreats.

Optimising your wellbeing has become more than just mediating, and plant based eating.

For me wellness is being in the state of amazing physical, mental and spiritual health, that beautiful balance between your mind, body, and spirit. So whatever we can do in all those areas will make have a profound effect on your sense of wellbeing.

2018 brings some more fresh ideas and approaches to holistic health. Here are 5 wellness trends to look out for this year:

1. Brain boosters

Brain health is by far one of the most important parts of our body that we should be giving the most TLC to. From mindfulness, uplifting affirmations, to powerful mantras, to daily mediation, these are wonderful ways to boost your brain health.

However taking supplements and high quality sources of nutrition will also play a big role in optimizing brain health. Supplements like omega 3 fish oils, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, 5 HTP, ginkgo biloba, and consuming healthy fats often,  like wild organic salmon, avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds and cold pressed oils.


2. Moringa

Last year turmeric was the big buzz word, and we saw the super food pop up in teas, lattes, soups, and health shots, although we are still loving the benefits of it, now a surge of moringa is popping up on shelves, snacks, and skin products.

Moringa is gaining much popularity this year as the new must have super food, due to its powerful health, wellbeing and beauty benefits.

Moringa itself is a small plant deriving from the Himalayas, and has been used for centuries in the eastern countries to help, and treat heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, skin and digestive disorders.

Moringa is rich in antioxidants in vitamins A, E & C, that help fight free radicals, and combats oxidation which causes accelerated ageing and lifestyle related illnesses, and is a potent anti-inflammatory, which and can help reduce symptoms that leads to chronic illnesses like respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis, lastly it optimises brain health, helping improving, coginvite function, mood and memory.[4]


3. Digital detox travel

Wellness holidays started to gain a lot of popularity the last two years, especially week long yoga retreats or 7 day detox trips near nature.

As wellness travel continues to rise, there is a lot more going into these types of experiences. From yoga, nature walks, holistic therapies like reiki, hypnotherapy and acupuncture, one to one coaching to completely unplugging from the world and having a mini digital detox break from technology.

Now that more and more of us are becoming more conscious of our health and wellbeing, when we are booking holidays we are also taking into consideration our healthy lifestyle and wanting incorporate that with a sunny break.

Holiday destinations that not only offer yoga and outdoor actives, but also healthy food options, holistic therapies, self care treatments, and also insist on turning off technology will naturally be on the rise this year. These sorts of locations ensure we not only can implement our own healthy routines on holiday, but we really do come back home feeling recharged, refreshed, and ready to go on Monday morning.


4. Longevity

Longevity is the new anti-ageing remedy. I’m not talking potions, lotions, and serums here to turn back the clock, we’re talking more scientific ways like the telomeres in our DNA.

Telomeres are the tiny compounds at the end of the strands of DNA; longer telomeres = longer life, shorter ones potentially lead to a shorter life span and array of health problems like Alzheimers, cancer and heart disease.[1]

We want to help keep those telomeres in tip top shape. You may also hear the term Mitochondria begin to start popping up.

Mitochondria are known as the power houses of your cells.

Ultimately you want to keep your cellular health thriving, by consuming an abundance of nutrient dense natural whole foods,  plenty of hydration and supplementation of things like b vitamins, omega 3, resveratrol,  lipoic acid, L-carnitine, magnesium, and CoQ10.[2]


5. Collagen

Collagen has been in and out of fashion for a few years now. However this year it will see a dramatic rise and we’ll be seeing it more in injestable supplements, drinks,  protein powders, and of course beautiful bone broth variations.

Collagen is a clean source of protein and the most abundant in our bodies. It is truly the holy grail of bringing vitality and wellbeing back to your hair, skin and nails, not to mention, it protects agains heart disease, improves liver health, reduces joint pain and arthritis, boosts metabolism and muscle mass, strengthens your immune system, and helps heal leaky gut and any other digestive disorders.[3]

By sipping on bone broths, and eating foods rich in vitamin A, b3, and C – that’s things like berries, root veggies, leafy greens, fish, free range eggs, and moderate amounts of organic grass fed meats and chicken, we can naturally boost the collagen in our bodies from the inside out.

Some diet and lifestyle factors that decrease the collagen production in your skin, hair and body leaving you feeling unwell are things like lack of sleep, stress, high blood sugar, diabetes, smoking, vitamin C defincy, and U.V radiation.