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Today we introduce you to Hannah Rose Cluley

If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few months, you may be noticing the tides shifting a little, away from bloggers and influencers telling you purely how to lose weight, burn fat and the like, many health and fitness bloggers are starting to promote the idea of ‘self love’, instead of punishing yourself to lose weight or forcing yourself to go to the gym, we (myself included) are asking our followers to start to introduce the idea that we deserve to love ourselves and our bodies above all.

If this concept is new to you, or even if it’s not, it can seem a bit daunting.

What is self love? How can I introduce this into my life? Do I love myself?

It’s actually quite hard to put into words what self love is, I would say it’s being able to eliminate and overcome the feeling that you’re not worthy of anything, to fully understand and appreciate yourself as the human being that you are, and also be compassionate towards yourself.

There are so many ways that you can start to bring some more self love into your life, but I’ve summed up 5 really simple things you can start doing that will turn your self love button on and get the self love flooding in, so here goes!

Stop comparing yourself to others

We all do it! You only have to go on social media, the thing we all hold so dear, to start comparing yourself to others, whether it’s that fitness blogger with the amazing abs, the travel vlogger who seems to never stop going from one glorious destination to the next, or even your best friend your University whose posts are all about her new fiancé, her fancy ring and their Chelsea flat they’ve just bought together.

It’s so easy to do, even off social media. But the truth is, you will never be that person, you’ll never have their hair or their life or whatever it is you’re comparing to yourself, and this can only ever lead to unhappiness because shock horror, I’m never going to look like Angelina Jolie, and if I’m comparing myself to something unachievable then I’m just setting myself up to fail. Instead, focus on your own positive attributes, because there are 100% LOADS! And learn to love those attributes, as well as working on things you could improve upon.

Treat yo’self

Show yourself love by treating yourself to something, it could be buying a bunch of flowers for yourself, or going to a yoga workshop, or even running a nice warm bath and investing in some expensive bath salts. Giving yourself these little gifts will make you happier, and remind yourself that you are valued and important to YOU. One word of caution, avoid treating yourself with food, in my opinion this encourages us to associate food with reward, which is something that’s better to steer clear of (but that’s another conversation altogether!)

Write a self love list

I touched on this briefly in point 1, but writing out a list of qualities or things you love about yourself is one of the best ways to start loving yourself. It doesn’t have to just be physical attributes, it could be the way you deal with situations, how you treat your friends, maybe you’re amazing at baking? Anything! And don’t worry if it starts off small!

You could come back to it once a month and add things on, keep finding those things about YOU that you love and you’re sure to start feeling happier with who you are.

Make yourself a priority

Easier said than done, but no matter your situation there are always ways you can put YOU first. Maybe it’s saying yes to less things that don’t actually make you happy, maybe it’s being disciplined and going to bed earlier because you know how tired you are when you get to work. Making yourself number one where possible and making your self care at the top of your list is such a vital step towards self love. People show us they love us by making us a priority, you wouldn’t feel cared for by a friend if they didn’t make an effort with you, so make the effort with yourself!

Be kind when you speak to yourself

The way we speak to ourselves in our heads, particularly when we feel like we’ve fallen short of an expectation or when we make a mistake can be really really nasty. This negative chit chat and inward berating we do will never help a situation and is of course only going to make us feel worse about the situation. If think for 9 out of 10 people, if we spoke to those around us the way we speak to ourselves in our heads, we actually wouldn’t have many friends, because it really is very negative and harsh. So can you introduce some kindness.

There’s actually a really insightful self compassion test you can do online by Self Compassion doctor Kristen Neff that you can take, have a go here, and see how you go!

What have your answers told you? Is there room for more compassion towards yourself? Remember you will be with yourself and your body for the rest of your life, so you may as well spend that time loving yourself!

Start to implement these very small things into your every day life and I can guarantee you that your self love will grow exponentially, you’ll be happier, and other areas of your life will start to be affected as a result, because self compassion and self love will make you more able to have compassion and understanding towards others.

What ways do you like to show yourself self love? Leave a comment, we’d love to know!

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