In 2017 we loved matcha, kombucha and bone broth.

According to Square, in 2017 we registered $3 million in matcha latte sales (113 percent increase from 2016). This rise has only been beaten by the golden mylk, also known as turmeric latte (260 percent). So much so that trend data from Square predicts golden milk to reign supreme in the alt-latte department for 2018.

What are some of the other weird and wonderful trends you should keep an eye out for?

Here’s five more you may want to bookmark:

The Rise of Frozen Foods

2018 is going to be a lot about “convenience”. After 2017’s partnership between Amazon and Wholefoods Market, convenience is now reaching a brand new level.

Remember the freezer, that well-known device that you use for your frozen berries? Well, a brand new frozen revolution is coming your way from the US, as Daily Harvest wants you to make frozen healthy options for those nights you hit the door at 8pm.

Up until now the focus of the company has been on breakfast and snacks like smoothies, overnight oats, and soups – however, the brand has just-released its Harvest Bowl collection including warming bowls of cauliflower rice with pesto, Brussels sprouts paired with tahini, and butternut squash and chimichurri.

Superfood Coffee

Turns out, superfoods like chia and flax seeds aren’t just for your smoothie. You can add protein-packed, nutrient-dense foods like protein powder, turmeric, and maca to your daily cup of joe.

After the rise of ‘adaptogenic coffees’ (think Reichi, Cordyceps) now chains and bloggers alike are giving their coffees an upgrade – and no, it’s not all about butter anymore.

As a coffee purist, I can still appreciate a good, honest espresso, but I am curious to see where the trend will go next. Maca-cino? Only time will tell.

Are Shurbs  the new Kombuchas?

Derived from the Arabic sharab, meaning “drink,” a shrub is a zingy libation of fruit and sugar steeped in vinegar.

The shrub was one of America’s first drinks, kept without chilling and imbibed by settlers as an alternative to water, which was often unsafe. Popular through the 18th and 19th centuries, shrubs fell out of fashion after modern refrigeration eliminated the need for shelf-stable beverages.

As 2017 has seen shrubs re-appearing in cocktails and interesting alcoholic creations, in 2018 you may start making your own shrub. We warned you, just be wary of the smell.

Vegan Pudding for Everyone

With the rise of vegan lines in major supermarkets, Veganism is now branching out from our mains to the dessert menu. With plenty of options for our dinners and lunches launching every week, the market is still growing is one of desserts.

Yes, health bloggers were making vegan brownies before it was cool. Vegan desserts are popping up everywhere, featuring coconut oil in lieu of butter, cashew milk instead of cream, and flax seeds in place of eggs – and soon will be in our supermarkets as well.

The Alcohol-Free Toast

Dry January has always been a big event in the UK – however, this year we have seen the launch of over 10 new alcohol-free beers in the UK alone from major brands (think Budweiser and San Miguel).

For an almost tea-total like myself, it’s definitely good news.

I do love the taste of alcohol, but I’d rather skip the hangovers and embarrassing photos, thank you very much. It’s never been easier to avoid alcohol thanks to a surge of artisanal and creative nonalcoholic concoctions – including Seedlip “the world’s first non-alcoholic spirits” (yet to try them, but I will report).