This weekend the Health Bloggers Community will once again be bringing together bloggers and brands at our HBCxMeet event in Dublin.

In the hot seat this month is blogger and yoga instructor Ruth Delahunty from Yogaru who will be answering our Q&A session as part of the event.

If you’d like to hear more from Ruth about her blogging journey and how yoga helps her achieve balance? Grab your tickets now to join us on 3rd March. 

What does healthy living mean to you?

Healthy living is a combination of all the things you do that make you feel well physically and mentally. It’s about what you do rather than what you don’t do – I eat well, I move well, I sleep well, I switch off well – each one with equal effort, working in symmetry. When one of these foundations is out of balance you’ll quickly notice a shift in your wellness.

There is no perfect formula for health. What works for me might be completely different than someone else.

I’ve noticed recently the formula changes for the different phases of life – what works for me now, as a yoga teacher and mum, is completely different than what worked for me before. It’s also about having the body awareness to notice when you are feeling out of balance. Having some ‘go to’ methods for bringing balance back are invaluable. When you notice something that makes you feel really good take a note of it.

We all go through periods of stress, having the skill to pause, notice, and bring yourself back to balance is all part of staying within your acceptable range of the pendulum. Healthy living is the lifelong journey of feeling happy and healthy, being conscious of your impact on the people around you, and your impact on the planet.


How did you first get into blogging?

I did my Yoga Teacher training in 2014 in The Yoga Room. It was the best decision I’ve ever made – it was intense at time and there was so much information to take in, but it was very refreshing being back in a learning environment. When I finished the training I wanted to continue my learning journey.

Blogging was the perfect solution to combine my two interests design and yoga – I built an online resource to give me a platform to share all I’d learnt, continue learning, and help people develop their home practice.

I also wanted to build a wider community of like minded people – so I introduced guest writers to broaden the scope of expertise and give more than just my slant on life. You’ll find a wide variety of topics from alignment cues, anatomy and the benefits of meditation, to recipe builders, the benefits of spices, and my new favourites section.


What keeps you motivated and inspired to blog?

I find the transient format of blogging gives me a constant incentive to write new content and keep my blog evolving. I love listening to podcasts and reading other blogs. I have lists of topics that I want to explore, and I add to it when something strikes a chord, or someone mentions a must read book, a blog worth visiting, or an upcoming event. I have a pretty vast collection of yoga books, cookbooks and health books too.

When I’m writing a new blog post I raid my bookshelves and pile up all the relevant books for research. I love all round wellness websites like Wellfest and Mind Body Green too. They broaden my horizons and encourage me to explore different areas of health beyond yoga and nutrition.


Tell us about how you’ve brought your graphic design background into your blogging.

When I was doing my training I found it very hard to find visual aids for sequencing my home practice and class plans. I remember thinking yoga really needs more of a design presence to help make it more accessible to it’s growing visually sophisticated audience, and that’s where the idea of combining my two skills came from. I started by sketching the classic stickmen on the back of blank business cards to help with my sequencing homework.

When I finished the training I started designing my ‘asanaman’ character. The 108 cards took almost two years to illustrate. As I was working on them I was also building up content on my blog, and posting up the poses as I finished illustrating them. I’m currently working on relaunching the newly upgraded sequencing cards this March and hope to get them stocked in more yoga studios and lifestyle shops.


What are you looking forward to most about HBC Meet Dublin?

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people who get as excited about healthy living as I do. I’m always interested to hear what works for other people. I love trying new things in the health and wellness industry. It’s good to make connections in person too.

I’m very much in the zone blogging away and designing sequences, but you have to make sure you stay connected with the outside world to live the example of balance and be genuine in your blogging.


Buy your tickets now and join us at The Dean, Harcourt Street in Dublin to hear more from Ruth and meet other bloggers and brands.