Looking for simple ways to make healthy living part of your life? Bounce are here to explain the mission behind their #simpleswaps campaign, and exactly how you can get involved.

Bounce will be providing a healthy breakfast spread at the HBC Summit on 15th April. 

Making small changes to your everyday life is the best and most achievable way to reach your goals and stay unstoppable all year round! Research shows just making one small change can result in significant improvements; not so scary after all! We call them simple swaps.

Over the next month we will be chatting to four experts and getting their top tips on all things nutrition, mindfulness and exercise. You can catch all four experts over on the Bounce blog. To keep you clued up on what’s going on, week by week, here’s what to expect. 

Week 1: Nick Morgan (from the Bounce Nutrition Team) will be sharing his healthy snacking simple swaps in our ‘Smart Snacking Challenge’

Week 2: Louise Padmore (Work Well Being), will be sharing daily tips to help people conquer their working week, with mindfulness. 

Week 3: Our super Bouncey duo, Twice The Health, will be sharing their top tips on helping people be more active during their working week.

Week 4: A roundup of all the best simple swaps! We want to hear from you too, so get involved!

Small changes add up to make a big overall difference. If you’re in it for the long haul, little and often is key.

To give you a taste of what they will be chatting about, let’s start with nutrition.

The Bounce Nutritional team have some simple swaps you can make to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle without depriving yourself of all the things you love (phew!).  Start by swapping like-for-like foods. For example, if you grab a latte on your way into work, swap it for a green tea!

The examples below are just a few ways to make healthier snack choices:

  • Swap a muffin from your much loved coffee shop with a Bounce Ball
  • Swap your traditional lunchtime sandwich for a chunky vegetable soup
  • Change your pastry on-the-go for a pot of porridge
  • Love brunch? swap your fried eggs to healthier scrambled or poached

Tune in to our social channels and blog to get the rest of the tips! We would love to hear all about your own simple swaps, so don’t forget to tag us@BounceBallsUK on Twitter and @bounce_uk on Instagram!

Bounce will be providing a healthy breakfast spread at the HBC Summit on 15th April.