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I’m a lively little yoga teacher, blogger and food stylist with a passion for periods, porridge and people (not in that order). Born and raised in London, I’ve now made a bold move to East London and spend my days teaching yoga, creating recipes, working for other fabulous bloggers and food styling.

I feel like I’m writing my dating profile, but I love meeting new people and spending time exploring nature.

I’m an emotional little soul with a big heart and a need for lots of love and laughter!

Wellness means being “well” in all aspects of your life. Your mental wellbeing, physical, emotional and hormonal.

I first started my blog as a platform to share my recipes after teaching cooking at a Summer Camp in America. I taught the whole summer without refined sugar and the girls got so into it, they begged me to start a blog so they could follow my recipes. I used to purely just share food both on my blog and Instagram, but as my career has grown to encompass teaching yoga, so has my content.

I usually don’t post if I’m not in the right head space to, and I try to not feel guilty about that.

The posts that always get the most engagement are those spur of the moment ones where I feel passionate about a subject and feel the need to share it with my followers. More often than not, it’s therapy for myself to get it down and out and often I’m extremely nervous but the feedback I get back is always so worth it. 

I really move from a place of authenticity in what I share.

If ever I’m posting a food pic that isn’t what I’m eating at that moment, I’ll usually write that I’m envious of my own food and haven’t got my shit together… I don’t get it right all the time!

I don’t really know what pushed me to become a yoga teacher honestly.

I had always loved the practice from the second class I ever took (the first, I just shook through the whole thing and thought “oh man I’m inflexible”), and I’d seen Frame’s teacher training application and just took the plunge and applied! I remember telling my brother I was thinking of doing my teacher training and him saying “Oh you’ll never get work, there are so many yoga teachers in London!” (I’m really glad I didn’t listen to him for the first time in my life!)

I try to plan my week to be as proactive as I can in the moments I have to get my head down and work and also find room for me.

I’m currently playing this notion of, if I don’t urgently need to do any work, then I’m filling my time with other fun things. Yesterday, I had nothing urgent to do so I took the day off to paint my balcony.

I’m learning to be okay with that, enjoy the time off and not feel the guilt. Luckily for me, I love my mix of teaching yoga, food styling, recipe creating and working for others.

Spending time with my boyfriend is my biggest invitation to relax.

He never brings his work home so I find myself easing into his unwinding process in the evenings and weekends and it’s really done wonders for me. But if I don’t have him around then If I can even walk between meetings and take time away from my phone, that makes a huge difference to my day.

You don’t need to be where everyone else is.

Sometimes I fall victim to comparing myself to others, and then I think to myself “hold up, they’ve been doing this for years! I’ve got time”. And I try to relax into the idea that all things take time and I’m a-okay just where I am on my journey.

Before I open my eyes, I take a few breaths to check in with myself.

To notice what’s going on with my body and where my thoughts take me before anything else happens. Teaching Yoga also allows me to practice gratitude every single time I teach. I feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude whilst everyone is in savasana and I have a moment to think, “wow, this is my job”.

What is your go-to healthy meal?

At the moment it’s garlicky mushrooms and kale on sourdough toast. My diet has gone from all of the supplements and superfood powders to much more basic these days and I actually love it.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra you live by?

Fight the fear and do it anyway!

Quickfire questions

  • Favourite film? The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan one) – I haven’t changed this answer since I was 9. 
  • Current book on your shelf? Fearne Cotton- Happy
  • Favourite song? It’s definitely a Whitney Houston but I struggle to decide which one!
  • Living in the city or living by the beach? BY THE BEACH- WHEN CAN I GO?
  • Favourite travel destination? I have been going to the Lake District every single year since I was born with my family and it’s still one of my favourite places on earth to unwind.
  • What city are you currently living in? London
  • Insta crush? Jessica Olie
  • Top Instagram accounts to follow? @leefromamerica @shutthekaleup @hannahrosecluley


Take the plunge, even if you’re scared of failing, just go with it and trust yourself. You’ll learn more from the mistakes you make.

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