Jayne is a a full-time yoga instructor based in Bristol, teaching not only weekly yoga classes and workshops, but also leading yoga retreats throughout the year.

We caught up with her for some quick fire questions.

Yoga is something which became my job after I managed to escape the 9-5 office life!

Now yoga is work, although at the same time it isn’t because I love what I do! I make sure to find balance by making space for myself to just ‘be’ without having to go anywhere or do anything. It’s important to take a break even from yoga and the blogging world!

I started my blog in 2011/2012 as a creative outlet with no desire other than to share what I love and what inspires me with the world.

I love connecting with the blogging and yoga community so getting to meet people in the real world rather than the internet world is always so rewarding. Especially if it is at one of my yoga classes or workshops because that’s what I do best!

I don’t handle stress very well and I am an introvert at heart so any kind of social situation which I don’t have control over always sends me into a panic.

I have recently been approached by Manduka to collaborate with them on a project. I was so excited to get that email. I cannot lie, the best gift I received from brands are all the yoga leggings!

Top five Instagram accounts to follow?






Quick-fire questions

  • Favourite film? Lost in Translation
  • Current book on your shelf? The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena (I love a good thriller)
  • Favourite song? Ash – Burn Baby Burn
  • Living in the city or living by the beach? Beach!
  • Favourite travel destination? Hawaii
  • What city are you currently living in?  Bristol
  • Insta crush? I have a huge girl crush on Candace from YogaByCandace
  • Favourite quote you live by? Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.
  • Best beauty product in your make up bag?  Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm
  • Three beauty products you can’t live without? Lip Balm, A good mascara, Highlighter!
  • Hair braided or top knot (aka pineapple)?  Top knot – the messier the better!
  • Workouts: makeup or no makeup?  No make up
  • Favourite item of clothing? My blue Jack Wills hoodie
  •  Favourite activewear brand? Lululemon
  • Sneakers or heels? Sneakers
  • Gym or exercising outdoors? Outdoors
  • Yoga or running? Yoga
  • Top career tip: Be true to yourself