This week we caught up Georgia, one of the influencers from the Blogger Programme, for a chat and some quick fire questions. 


Georgia is a freelance personal trainer who loves all things fitness, fashion and travel, and splits her time between London, Europe and the US. As a keen socialite, she loves to build her network wherever she goes and is grateful for the opportunity to inspire and help others; something she finds very humbling. Despite having to drop out of high school due to her auto-immune disorder, her passion to succeed has never ceased and she’s incredibly proud of everything she’s achieved so far.

“The fact that I broke the norm means I only want to keep climbing up the ladder with more ambition”

9-5 job or full-time influencer?

I work as a freelance personal trainer throughout the week and on weekends also. However I also run my blog, which includes fitness, nutrition/recipes, fashion and travel. Alongside my blog, I run an e-commerce store selling personalised fitness /guidance plans. I also spend time modelling and content creating, which has opened many doors for me, such as meeting other amazing influencers and photographers/videographers.

How do you still manage to find the right balance?

I am very lucky that I love all of the work I do which makes everything I do enjoyable, so I see it as a lifestyle rather than a job. I make sure I give myself downtime away from all electronic devices and social media, such as a workout or going for brunch with friends. I think this is really important as it allows me to relax and not worry about anything.

How did you first get started as an influencer?

I started my Instagram around 4 years ago, and it was completely personal. I never had the intention of into turning it into a career, and I guess you could say I kind of fell into it! I have always had a passion for fitness, fashion and travelling, which is why I decided to combine all three and create my own little niche. I studied photography at school, alongside sports science and english, so I combined the knowledge I had in all three subjects to help create content that I could share with others, which has enabled me to live a life I love and don’t see as a job.

Career highlight since being an influencer?

The most humbling and crazy experience I’ve had since being an influencer was a follower coming up to me at an American football game in California, saying they had followed me since day one. I was like ‘oh my god, this is crazy, I have followers from all over the world’ which I find amazing! It’s so rewarding being able to help people and inspire them to better themselves.

Career lowlight since being an influencer?

I have been super lucky when it comes to social media in that all my experiences have been positive.  I’d say my lowlight has been lacking mental creativity and finding it hard to come up with new and exciting content to post. However, I know everyone goes through phases like that, and it only takes one idea to spark a load of new ones.

Best campaign you’ve ever worked on?

I’d have to say working with Garnier was one of my favourite campaigns. I had to create 4 different images for them and getting super creative with the products was so fun. I also love all their products, so it was super easy to integrate into my daily lifestyle!

Best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

I am obsessed with swimwear, and this comes in super handy when I’m travelling regularly! I have received amazing swimwear from gorgeous companies all over the world, so my stash is growing by the minute. Hunza-g has to be my fave brand at the moment.

Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

  1. @Inkawilliams
    2. @Tammyhembrow
    3. @Genelleseldon
    4. @Josefinehj
    5. @Cheriemadeleine

Quick-fire questions

  • Best beauty product in your make-up bag? Iconic highlighter – It adds such an amazing glow to any makeup look, it also works as an unreal eyeshadow.
  • Three beauty products you can’t live without? Eve Lom primer, Bare Minerals Powder Foundation, Urban Decay Naked palette.
  • Hair braided or top knot (aka pineapple)? Hair braids all the way, I love having french braids.
  • Workouts: makeup or no makeup? I never wear makeup when I workout, personally I find it causes my skin to breakout and I sweat far too much!
  • Favourite item of clothing? My self portrait cocktail dress, I literally love it so much.
  • Favourite activewear brand? I live in Nike activewear, I literally love their leggings.
  • Sneakers or heels? I love both, I live in Vans but I also love getting dressed up and wearing heels
  • Gym or exercising outdoors? I mix it up, but I love working outdoors when I can, especially when the sun is out.
  • Yoga or running? Running all the way, it has always been a passion of mine since a young age, and I used to compete in 800M.
  • Favourite food? I love peanut butter, Acai bowls and Sushi.
  • Favourite drink? Matcha green tea is the best!
  • Favourite recipe? My three ingredient protein pancakes are killer, and I serve them with peanut butter and fresh fruit.
  • Best place to eat out? Ottolenghi, their food is amazing, and I have loved it since I was little.
  • Iphone or camera? I use a Canon 5D Mark IV most of the time, if not I use my Vlogging camera which is a Canon G7x.
  • Lightroom or VSCO? I use both Photoshop, Lightroom and VSCO – I love all the filters available on VSCO cam!
  • Favourite filter? I tend to mix a few, but I’m a massive fan of A1,A2,A7,A8,AL1, AL3, G7,G8, KK1
  • Favourite way to edit pics? I love using photoshop to edit as I can really adjust the colours in the image, in both the foreground and the background, I learnt how to use it from studying photography at school, so it’s really helped me when creating content.
  • Top Instagram tip? Engage with your followers and keep things real, that’s my main tip, being honest is the best way forward.
  • How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account? I usually spend around 30 minutes to an hour, choosing the right image for my feed then adjusting the filters to look nice. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my feed and the colours matching, so I want it to look good.