Hi! I’m Ciarra and I run the blog Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate: a place where bakers can find healthy versions of their favorite desserts, snacks and the occasional meal. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m an actor working on stage or in films.

I left my job of 10 years just 6 months ago to work full time for myself as a blogger.

 I work from the kitchen now, creating recipes and photographing them. My love for baking has turned into my full career and given me opportunities I never thought possible.

I’ve always been really great at balancing my life and making sure I always find time for myself, my family and my friends even when I’m working 50 hours a week.

Once I finally left my 9-5 to see if I could make the blog thing work, I had so many more opportunities open up for me. If anything, I think I have a harder time now trying to balance creating great content for my own blog because I create content for so many other companies.

Since I was a kid I really enjoyed baking.

So when I started to get into health food I didn’t want to give up my desserts so I merge the two. I created a blog as a way to archive all of my healthy recipes. Things just kind of happened organically after that and brands just started contacting me. I’ve been working with PEScience and Nuts ‘N More for years now. I love and respect those brands so much and I appreciate them giving me some of my first jobs in this industry.

Since being an influencer my life has been filled with nothing but joy.

I get to create art in some form or another and eat dessert every day. Also, being able to travel while collaborating with some of my favorite brands. I’ve gone to Vegas, New York, and Chicago to photograph food, attend seminars and hang out with Instagram friends.

I definitely don’t have any career lowlights as of yet.

Working in this industry has been a blast and I am so grateful for all the places I’ve been and most importantly the friends I’ve made. I have learned though that you need to make a routine for yourself and get dressed in the morning. I’ve spent too many days baking in my pajamas.

I’ve received so many wonderful gifts from brands.

I’ve had brands send me magazines I’m featured in with an encouraging and thoughtful note attached to it. Oh, and I get sent a lot of food! Lots and lots of food!

Top five Instagram accounts to follow

Quick Fire questions

  • Favourite food? Tacos
  • Favourite drink? Hot black coffee
  • Favourite recipe? Raw date caramel slice
  • Best place to eat out? Anywhere that has a good brunch menu and waffles
  • iPhone or camera? Camera
  • Type of camera? Canon 7D Mark II
  • Lightroom or VSCO? Both! 🙂
  • Favourite filter? VSCO – F2
  • Favourite way to edit pics? Lightroom then VSCO
  • What’s your top Instagram tip? Overhead shots if you don’t have a camera!
  • Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram!
  • Blog or YouTube?  Blog
  • Type of camera? Canon 7D Mark II
  • How much time goes into a picture found on your Instagram? Anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours
  •  Last thing you googled? Something to do with a plugin on my website