As someone who lives a life focussed on wellbeing, health and fitness, there are certain things I do daily to obtain both mental and physical positivity.

These habits are all ones I’ve learned from my own personal journey, ones that have made an influential stamp on my life and ones that continue to resonate with me everyday. Although these traits may not be what you would initially associate with being healthy, they’re all extremely helpful in achieving a balanced and happy mind. See it as a guide and take each pointer at a steady pace. It has taken me a significant amount of dedication to reach this stage but I can assure that with a pinch of persistence, a sprinkling of motivation and a dollop of self-belief, you can achieve anything.

Tidy house = tidy mind

When it comes to blogging, I thrive and excel when the area I write in is organised. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, which can lead to a not so good blog post. I always ensure that the things I have around me promote positivity, creativity and structure, in order for me to do well. Laptop, notepad, green tea, music and candles assist me in writing, getting my creativity flowing and helping me to relax. It’s about finding the right things that suit you best as an individual, but always start with a clear, clutter free space, wherever you may be.

Get outdoors

Spending time outside is one of the best things you can do for both the mind and body. Let the fresh air blow away any negative thoughts, stresses or worries you’re having and enjoy some well earned ‘me time’. You don’t need to think. Just look, walk and let your mind run free. As somebody who has recently started a health and wellbeing blog, running every morning in the fresh air clears my mind of any unnecessary thoughts that linger. It kick-starts my brain, lets it function to the best of its ability and opens doors for endless streams of creativity, so that I feel rejuvenated and awake.

Do Yoga

Similar to being outside, yoga is a fantastic way to focus the mind and enhance productivity levels. It’s a time where you can entirely focus on your body whilst creating a connection with your inner self. If yoga is something new to you, give it a go. It may seem daunting at first but once you find that centre within yourself, it rubs off on others and your optimism shines through.

Surround yourself with positive people

There are individuals in life who, unfortunately, will bring you down with their negative behaviour. Steer clear of people who carry that sort of energy and attempt to pass their burden onto others. It does not involve you, so your happiness should not be diminished because of it.

The sooner we are able to let go of unnecessary ties to negative individuals, the more centered we become; our own happiness strengthens and we begin to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Surround yourself with the people who support you, who cheer your name from the sideline and do nothing but love you. Be kind, be supportive, be loving, but most of all live! And be happy.

Think about the best, not the worst

This is something that I can totally relate to and I’m sure that at some point in our lives, we’ve all been guilty of thinking the worst. When put in a scenario, our minds automatically transition to the negative side and what could possibly go wrong. We overthink and churn ideas around in our heads so much that it turns into a completely heightened, almost different version of the original. Before your brain allows this to happen, examine the situation, think of all the good that could come from it and how it will impact your life, before jumping to the worst. Take the risk, face your fears, be brave and believe in you. What is there to lose?

Be your own number one fan

Knowing that you have people around you who are constantly making you a better version of yourself is a wonderfully humbling feeling. Whilst that’s amazing, you also have to remember to be your own number one fan. Happiness comes from within, from the actions and choices we choose to make; your support network simply strengthens your individual self. When was the last time you stopped, took a moment and appreciated yourself?

Look in the mirror and give a compliment to the wonderful you – embrace yourself and be proud.

Be a force of kindness

Being kind comes from a deep place within, and whilst completing acts of kindness everyday is a wonderful starting point, dig that little bit further and see it as a lifestyle. Make kindness the focal point of your every action, big or small, and let it be the representation of you. As these pointers are practised, your mindset will shift and before you know it, the notion of kindness will become second nature.

Take time away from social media

Our society is ridden with pressure and expectation. The reality of it is… well, there isn’t much of a reality to it. We are provided with a constant stream of social media that doesn’t accurately represent reality, but that has a negative impact on the way we view ourselves. It is important that in a world so focussed on the power of the internet, we digest the positive, the influential and uplifting media, rather than consuming the unnecessary negativity.

Practice gratitude

Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy schedules that we forget to take a moment just to stop and breathe. It’s so important to recognise the things you have in life; tell your loved ones that you love them, put passion into everything you do, and feel something for your surroundings. Positivity is infectious and when you ooze that, the other people in your life will, also.

Believe in yourself

As simple as this may sound, believe in yourself.  You’re more wonderful than you think you are. Be you, be proud and grow as a person who thrives on kindness, health and positivity. You got this!