We have so many wonderful and creative bloggers in the Health Bloggers community, who specialise in everything from  health, food and well-being to fitness, yoga and spirituality… and more besides! Something our community is celebrated for is its inclusivity – every blogger, whether just starting out or well-seasoned in the art of blogging, is welcome to share, learn and collaborate. Bloggers are influencers with the power to shape the views of their readers. And here at HBC, we love nothing more than bringing bloggers together!

Looking for a new fresh, fun, fitness blog to follow? We’ve compiled a list of ten of our fabulous fitness bloggers, who we think are ones to watch in the community. Check out our picks below:

Bare Vitality: Claudia Beyer

Claudia is a holistic PT with a wealth of workout plans, fitness videos and health and well-being advice on her blog. Claudia also offers  two different ebooks – one of which you can download for free by signing up to her newsletter!

Claudia’s philosophy: “I live to run, cook, create, learn and explore. And then share. I believe it is our purpose in life to share what we love, what we learn along our journey and what we are best at.” Read more…

Check out Claudia’s blog if… you are looking for some HIIT workout inspiration, healthy and delicious smoothie recipes (amongst others), or holistic health advice.

Anne Smiles: Anne Krarup

Anne is a sports science student from Denmark who aims to inspire people to find happiness through exercise and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Her blog contains lots of step by step How To’s, plus an open and honest approach to her own struggles and lifestyle.

Anne’s philosophy: “The focus of my blog is living a healthy lifestyle while staying happy and loving yourself. It’s about finding balance and being proud of the work you do, rather than reaching an unrealistic ideal.” Read more…

Check out Anne’s blog if… you’re interested in yoga, weight lifting, running and loving yourself, no matter what obstacles life may throw at you.

Green & Aquamarine: Eleanor Coales

Eleanor is A BSc student with a passion for food, fitness and looking after the planet. Her blog features some excellent yoga posts, plant-based recipes and tips on living a healthy lifestyle on a budget.

Eleanor’s philosophy: “My aim is to live as healthy, happy and sustainable life as possible, and I want you to do so as well! I post yoga and fitness tips, budget-friendly recipes and reviews to help you live this way too.” Read more…

Check out Eleanor’s blog if… you’re interested in yoga or just starting out with the practice. Also, if you are looking for delicious and affordable plant-based recipes, and wellness opinion pieces.

Sailing Through Fitness: Victoria Sardain

Victoria is a 20 year old student currently living in Switzerland, blogging about her fitness experiences, favourite recipes, travel adventures and wellness advice.

Victoria’s philosophy: “I’m all about those girl gains and that #teamsquats life while being a green smoothie drinking, vegan, yogi. On my blog you’ll find all things health, fitness and wellness.”Read more…

Check out Victoria’s blog if… you’re interested in fitness trend reviews, wellness advice, recipes and some fun travel experiences thrown in too!

KtBHealthy: Katie Booth

One of our resident fitness columnists, 23 year old Katie Booth blogs about everything  fitness-related; from exercise How To’s to opinion pieces on the latest trends and classes. We love her personable, individual writing style and we’re sure you will too!

Katie’s philosophy: “Training and nutrition goes way beyond just looking good; it should be a sustainable, successful and enjoyable way to be fit and healthy for the long term by learning the facts, practising balance and learning self-love… I also have a particular love for weight lifting, running, circuit training…and peanut butter.” Read more…

Check out Katie’s blog if… You want no-nonsense tips on how to enhance your workouts, improve your weight lifting performance and feel your best. Katie’s ethos is to be healthy inside and out, in body and mind.

Charl Clarke: Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte is a professional dance artist, aerialist, model and fitness blogger. We love Charlotte for her open and honest approach to her personal fitness progress.

Charlotte’s philosophy: “Focused. Creative. Driven. Passionate. Energetic. Trying to live each day mindfully” Read more…

Check out Charlotte’s blog if… you want to be in the know about great fitness brands, read reviews of products and gym classes, and keep up with her fitness competition prep. Charlotte also shares some great fitness fuelling recipes too!

Laura Jamie UK: Laura Jamie

Laura is a a Personal Trainer/Life Coach with a passion for all things health, fitness and how to lead a happy lifestyle. We love the refreshingly unique and funny way she writes her blog posts, and her honest approach to everything. No topic is too daring!

Laura’s philosophy: “My aim is to use this blog along with my YouTube channel to assist you in any way that I can to make your journey an exciting and progressive one.” Read more…

Check out Laura’s blog if… you’re after some no-nonsense, honest talking fitness advice to get you motivated. We really love how Laura’s fun personality shines through in her blog posts!

The Wellness Rookie: Cassidy Wendell

Wellness expert and personal trainer, Cassidy has a no-nonsense approach to all things health, wellness and fitness, plus a well-designed and easy to navigate blog too!

Cassidy’s philosophy: “I’m a holistic health coach, personal trainer and blogger navigating the wide world of health one kale smoothie and spin class at a time. I created The Wellness Rookie to help women make sense of the bullshit surrounding health & fitness by giving them the rookie advice they need from the wellness expert they can relate to.” Read more…

Check out Cassidy’s blog if… you’re looking for honest advice from a holistic personal trainer, along with some great breakfast recipes. You can also download Cassidy’s simple and easy to follow 7 day workout plan by signing up to her newsletter.

Wildcat Fitness: Lisa-Jane Holmes

Lisa is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Fitness Presenter based in West London, UK. her blog has an extensive selection of fitness tips and expert advice, along with healthy, protein-packed recipes to maximise your workouts.

Lisa’s philosophy: “This is my fitness, health, lifestyle, food and nutrition blog, and hopefully will give you an insight into everyday life as a London PT, but also an account of my personal fitness and weight loss story. I also aim to bring honest reviews of products, clothing, venues and experiences, as well as workout tips and healthy recipe ideas.” Read more…

Check out Lisa’s blog if… you’re serious about improving your health and fitness for life, and you’re looking for honest reviews of the latest on-trend products and fitness classes.

Yoga with Jocelyn: Jocelyn Delaney

Jocelyn is a holistic yoga teacher and her blog acts as a resource for those seeking guidance on their yoga, holistic health and spiritual journey.

Jocelyn’s philosophy: “During my yoga teacher training, my interest in holistic wellness and a spiritual life accelerated, and I felt a connection to my true purpose. Since then, I have not stopped learning and growing, expanding my knowledge of hatha yoga, holistic health and wellness.” Read more…

Check out Jocelyn’s blog if… you’re looking for understandable and easy to follow guidance about yoga, spirituality and mindfulness. We also recommend Jocelyn’s blog for if you’re looking to understand alternate ways of healing the body and mind. We really love Jocelyn’s relatable content!