Bloggers are gonna blog, right? Isn’t it what people say? We all know the importance of outreach and features across the interweb, and this is why we encourage our bloggers to use our groups to collaborate. Collaborations and guestposts, as well as interviews, are core aspects covered in the first week of our Blogging MBA. Don’t forget to check the curriculum, and make the most of the introductory offer of this first round.

A Day in the Body

Blogger: Suncana

About the series: “I always loved seeing the day to day lives of people in careers I love (so pretty much anything health, nutrition and fitness related). Mainly I enjoyed this because I could steal any habits, routines or new moves I never thought of doing for myself and implement them into my daily routine…”

Why you’ll love it: there is nothing better than getting motivated by fellow health junkies, knowing their habits and their routines, as well as being inspired by their careers.

Confessions of a Health Blogger

Blogger: Healthy and Psyched

About the series: “You won’t find me down the chippie at 2am on a Friday night after drinking a half a bottle of vodka and in bed on saturday morning sleeping off my horrendous hangover (those days are well and truly behind me). But I’m only human and sometimes 1 brownie turns into 3 (or 4) or I’ll cancel my gym class to hang out with my friends. With that in mind I’ve decided to start a new feature called ‘confessions of a health blogger‘.”

Why you’ll love it: Because it’s a great laugh and a very honest look at us as bloggers and some of our habits and lil obsessions that make us so awesome.

Lean Lifestyle Vlog

Blogger: Laura Jamie

About the series: “This is the first vid in this series where I will be giving you an insight into my day to day life whilst working on becoming leaner!! I’ll mainly be focusing on my meals and workouts with a few extra clips thrown in for fun”

Why you’ll love it: For bloggers who need some variety – let’s be honest, we love reading blogs, but vlogs can be as fun! Laura is also a straight-up lady whose energy clearly comes across from the camera and her videos. Plus, she is a killer trainer.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Blogger: Alessia Gandolfo

About the series: “I decided to dive deeper in the topic of our comfort zone by interviewing some of the most inspiring people I met personally or got inspired online because of their courage of living a life they love and that challenges their comfort zone daily. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did chatting with them!”

Why you’ll love it: Alessia spotlights wonderful people who inspired her to be braver and challenge herself daily. Yes, we’ll have a cup of that please!

Compound Exercise

Blogger: Katie B

About this series: “First post in my series on the top compound exercises is ready! First up, deadlifts… Learn how they build total body strength and muscle like no other move.”

Why you’ll love it: This series will get you excited about moving right, and lifting the correct way. Form is essential, as well as working on challenging moves that stimulate your body. Katie is a wealth of information, we cannot recommend her enough!

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