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The Day the Sun Went Out: Solar Eclipse

Nature brings us an eclipse, the lights will go out and in that eerie darkness, we reset. One day, everything that you love will fade away. The lights will go out in this life, your love will be obliterated by forces out of your control. Leo rules the heart, our love, our creativity and our passion. On Monday our heart’s desire comes into focus because for a moment we will miss all that we love, it will be gone and out of reach, never to be enjoyed again. All the possibilities and potentials that we hold within us will die. Can you take yourself to that inevitable truth?...

The Rise of the Crystal Trend

Crystals or gemstones, as they are also known, are millions of years old, and have been a valuable part of many traditions. The first reference to the use of cr...

HBC Recommended Edit: The Ice Cream Edition

During our research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands and products we love that we just have to share with you! Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week, inspired by Summer and celebrating our love for ice cream....